COVID-19 Update for 3/24 By: grinesa bajrami

As people continue to follow social distancing, there have been countless updates of COVID-19 nationwide and worldwide.

#1 The Current Count

As of today, there have been 422,344 reported cases worldwide, with 18,884 resulting in death. However of those cases, 108,388 people have recovered from COVID-19. In the United States, there have been 44,183 reported cases with 544 of them resulting in death. In Nevada, there have been 278 reported cases with six of those resulting in death.

#2 In the United States

In California, a teenager died of COVID-19. This was the first juvenile death in the United States. However, Coronavirus-related deaths have remained extremely low.

#3 in Nevada

A Las Vegas law firm filed a law suit against China over the COVID-19 outbreak. The law firm claims that the Chinese government are involved “in a campaign of misinformation and lies” over the level of severity of the outbreak. The law suit was filed yesterday, March 23.

#4 in other News

Today, it was announced the Summer Olympics will be postponed until the summer of 2021. The UEFA European Championship and Copa América have also been postponed until next summer.

#5 If you're bored

While following social distancing, many artists are hosting virtual concerts. Artists are using social media outlets, such as Instagram and YouTube to live stream their own concerts from their homes. Dates, times and artists can be found through the link below.


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