The deceit that caused the fall of the human race did more than precipitate us into sin. It worked a terrible slander on Father and on ourselves. It is not for nothing that Satan is called the Father of Lies. Our falling for his deceit warped our Father in our minds and confused our sense of self. The insidious effect of these multiplying lies has targeted identity: The identity of God and the identity of the sons and daughters of God.

Humans are bound by anything that is not true.

This warping of the truth has been called 'the great darkness' for a reason. This mixture of light with darkness is diabolically effective because it lies about reality. It pollutes the source of truth and produces a crooked narrative that results in crooked and broken people. The groaning creation writhes and spasms because our Father has been tarred with the brush of malevolence and we have been seduced into thinking we are far less than we are. This precipitated the fall and it remains the ploy to sustain its effects to in the darkness bind them.

Degradation is the intent of every false doctrine and 'other gospel.'

Every heresy, each perverted gospel has one reason for being. Whether it comes from a theologian, a university, a prophet or a denomination, the aim is to thwart the design of creation and undo the effect of the cross. What is the effect of the cross? That we and Father are one; that we have fellowship with the trinity, that we belong in the Holy Family, that we are the sons and daughters of God destined to recreate the earth.

With any lens that is not Jesus Christ we distort God and distort ourselves. The lens of the law creates convoluted and gross perversions of Jesus and the gospel.

What avalanche of deception did Adam's fall precipitate? C Baxter Kruger describes it well. When the Original Pair perceives their nakedness, "The Father's face will be forever tarred with an alien brush, and His heart, His beauty, His goodness, will be misunderstood. Our darkened imagination will recreate the Father's character in its own image. Our shame will disfigure the Father's heart. The projections of our fear will rewrite the rules of His care. He will continue to bless us beyond our wildest dreams, but in our mythology we will see His gifts and hear "I am not acceptable" confirmed. The very presence of the Lord in love and grace and fellowship will be translated through the fallen mind and perceived as the presence of One who is at best cold, detached and indifferent, and at worst the great critic, the judge quick to condemn, whose judgmental, watching spirit haunts every room in the universe." (1)

We live to multiply life by demolishing lies and upholding Jesus as life. Totally.

So what is the role of the person who is competent as a minister of the new covenant? As harbinger of revelation an apostolic person reveals the truth about God, makes plain the truth that has been revealed and let lose by the cross; accurately describes and proclaims the consequences of Christ's victory and establishes Believers in the truth of who they are in Christ. By declaring the truth the apostolic teacher engages in the demolition of lies.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness (Kindle Locations 683-688). Perichoresis, Inc. Kindle Edition.

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