cotton gin by; lizzy hamilton

The cotton gin is the most significant invention of the 1800's. It was invented by Eli Whitney, it was a machine that picked out the seeds for you. A way more efficient machine.

" By the mid- 19th century, cotton had become Americas leading export."(
How did it affect people directly? It was less work for people.
How did it affect the country? It was less work for others so it increased the slavery.
" The south became the cotton producing part of the country because Whitney's cotton gin was able to successfully pull out the seeds from the cotton bolls." (
"Before the invention of the cotton gin, not only was the raising of cotton very labor intensive, but separating the fiber from the cotton seed itself was more labor intensive." (
When did this change happen? 1793 or 1794, Machine picked seeds.
Why did this change occur? Less labor for people
What else was happening at the time this occurred? Whitney was the employ of Catherine Greene.
Did it affect the North or South more? The South because cotton and slave demand was higher.
How did this affect Westward expansion? It did not encourage westward expansion, it was very profitable.


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