Horses The weapon and surplus

Horses are known for the Kentucky Derby, but what you don't know is how horses helped humans in America strive.

Horses had a huge impact on the conquest of North America.

Horses were important in the conquest of North America because they provided a great weapon in battle. Horses that help in battles are called cavalry. Cavalry were used in great Spanish conquistadors army's like Pizzaro's. Horses have one baby after an 11 month gestation period and rarely have twins or triplets. The lifespan of horse is pretty short. They usually live about 20-30 years.

Armies that had the advantage of having horses had a height and speed advantage. Cavalry made the Spanish conquistadors so powerful and strong.

Horses were also great at being helpful when farming.

Horses took part in helping farmers. They pulled plows and herded cattle. They could also be trained to pull other important farm tools.

Horses provided a surplus of grain and vegetables that it plowed. They also provided meat and skin by being a horse.

Farming horses made the new life possible. They also provided possibilities for trading.

I think horses impacted the conquest of North America, but there are some Big 5 animals that may of helped more.

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