Input and output devices

What are they?

Input and output devices are really just anything that you send messages into the computer or get messages from the computer.

Input is basically you, the commander, physically doing something to the computer in order to make it do something else. For instance, this key board is an example of a wireless input device that will display letters and words on your monitor. Therefore, the monitor is the output, in other words, it is displaying and providing something for you and so that means its an output.

Input Devices:

Input devices are part of the four main hardware components of a computer system:

  • Input Device - these get data into the computer or other devise.
  • Processor - this does something with the data to make it useful information.
  • Output Devices - these show the results of processing.
  • Storage Devices - holds the data in the system.

There are two parts of input devices:

  • Manual Input Device - data is input into the computer by hand.
  • Direct Input Device - data is directly input into the computer by machine / device.

Output Devices:

Out put devices come after you put the input through a processor. An example of this is a speaker. The input could be the song choice on you phone. You then tap it and it processes and comes out in good quality, loud from the speaker.

Storage devices

A storage device is used for storing data in things like computers, phones, cameras etc... They all come in different shapes and sizes and however they do all the same things. Store files, photos, documents, contacts, games and so on. These are last in the input and output list. This is because after you do what you need the output always sends it to the storage, if it is something that needs to be.

Your Phone

Your phone is probably one of the best devices you could own. You use so much input and output and storage devices without even knowing it. You do everything with your fingers and then it processes and displays it on your screen. You can access files and apps thanks to the storage device and have enough time to do things like take pictures, go on the internet etc...

Input and Output Devices

By Vasia Floyd


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