Tammy Doçi Mobilizing, Equipping and Launching the next generation of missionaries...

Our world is in dire need of HOPE

Among the pages of Scripture we discover that the SOURCE of HOPE is a Person-- His name is JESUS, and He invites each one of us into intimate fellowship and relationship with our Creator, the very thing we are hard-wired and designed for.

There are many people in our world today, however, who have yet to hear about the HOPE and NEW LIFE that Jesus offers.

Millennials and Gen Z are among the most technologically connected and savvy, yet they score the highest for loneliness and social isolation.

Students are thirsting for life and purpose.

But the wells they drink from often leave them empty, lonely and broken.

Depression and anxiety are rampant on the college campus today.

Many students have never heard the Gospel before.

Because of this, one of Jesus' greatest prayer requests & exhortations to His followers is found in Matthew 9:37

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore, ask the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into His harvest fields."

Did you know that each month, approximately 20,000 Americans inquire about serving in missions with various agencies across the country, yet as little as 1% of those actually ever make it to the field?

My role within CRU is to see the percentages of those serving in His harvest fields increase exponentially!

...training and equipping new missionaries like Lex, Jenna, and Tabitha.

In this season of ministry, I spend the best hours of my day mobilizing, equipping and launching the next generation of missionaries.

Top left: Brian & Jenni (working with refugees in Rome), Bottom left: Josh & Danielle, (working in East Asia) Middle: Heidi & Dakota, (serving the Deaf Community at National Institute for the Deaf, Right: Robert & Jenni, (serving at Bowling Green State University)

I have the incredible privilege to come alongside our newest CRU missionaries, who are passionate to the take the HOPE of the Gospel to different cultures & ethnic groups around the world, among various segments of society-- university students, professors, internationals, & professional athletes to name a few.

teaching, at our Faith & Finances conference

I love stewarding the talents and experiences God has given me to be able to train, develop, shepherd, pray for, encourage, cheerlead, mentor and coach missionaries as they build their team of Ministry Partners, so they can report to the field as Christ-centered, fully funded, & financially faithful missionaries and thus be Fully Engaged in reaching others with the HOPE and LOVE of Jesus Christ!

It is my joy & privilege to invite YOU to have a seat at the table and partner with me...

....so that TOGETHER we can unleash these hope-bearing laborers to the nations!!

Contact: Tammy.Doci@cru.org

Image Source: Unsplash.com; Statistics: The God Ask, by Steve Shadrach, & Ralph Winter, Director of The U.S. Center for Mission Mobilization