Global Baton 2018 Snapshots of Duke University's international summer travels

For the fifth year in a row, the campus community shared images of their global research and studies through a collaborative photo project, Duke Global Baton. This year, contributors journeyed to eleven countries on five continents. Here are some highlights.

-By Amanda Solliday

Christine Ashimwe, Rwanda

After traveling to France for Duke in Paris, Christine journeyed to her home country, Rwanda, also called "the Land of a Thousand Hills."

This place is dear to me because of its colors and constant activity." - Christine Ashimwe

Christine is an undergraduate at Duke, planning to major in visual and media studies. Through her photography for the Global Baton, she wanted to offer a different Rwandan story than the dominant outsider's narrative.

I wanted to show what a society built on true interactions and authentic relationships looks like, and luckily, that's my home."

Anna Klingensmith, Morocco

Anna is a sophomore studying public policy and Arabic. She traveled to two of Morocco's major cities, Fez and Rabat, and the Sahara Desert through Duke in the Arab World.

She believes the region's lack of representation in America often causes misunderstanding about its culture and way of life.

I wanted to show people that Morocco and the majority Muslim 'Arab World' aren't the oppressive, terror-ridden places people often think they are, because that's how they are often portrayed in the mainstream media." - Anna Klingensmith

Loren Barcenas, Tanzania

Loren is a master's student in global health, who conducted her summer fieldwork in northern Tanzania at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center.

I wanted to show the incredible work that's happening through Duke's longstanding research collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center." - Loren Barcenas

Loren spent much of her time collecting data in the new emergency room at the hospital.

She, too, thought it was important to showcase the beauty that can be found in Africa and dispel negative stereotypes.

Molly Albright, United Kingdom

Molly Albright studied theater in the United Kingdom through the Duke in London - Drama program. She's a senior at Duke, majoring in theater studies and minoring in biology and sociology.

My goal was to show all the lovely parts of London – the big tourist attractions, like the Tower of London, as well as the unexpected charm and beauty of the city that is not as often captured in photos." - Molly Albright

Molly adds that she's terrible at keeping a diary, so photography is her weapon of choice for documenting her experiences.

Join us for next year's Global Baton! Sign-ups for faculty, staff and students will begin in spring 2019.

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Amanda Solliday

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