Restaurants react to new lockdown protocols

Poke House

Photo: Jason Lin

"Because of the pandemic, we have switched over to only accepting online orders, which has caused business to slow down a bit. Customers have been not so happy about that, which has been hard to adjust to. With people being home they might want to order more online, so that could increase business. But at the same time, we close earlier now, so we could lose some business and some customers there."

— shift lead Giselle Madrigal

Sushi House

Photo: Kenji Ueki

"We have been fortunate that with the support of all our customers, we are still managing to break even. However, this winter season will test us — now that it's colder and people can't wait inside for their orders, we will likely see a bigger dip in business. The lack of holiday business will also impact things. Despite these challenges, we have been very, very blessed and will continue to focus on giving our customers a safe experience."

— Noriko Ueki, daughter of Sushi House owner Kenji Ueki


Photo: Jason Lin

"It [business] is going to definitely slow down for sure, but for us, since day one, we were only providing takeout. We never had dine in or outside dining. We adjusted lockdown times anyway for the curfew. People can still order through our app, order for delivery, and we try to make sure it’s as safe as possible. We try to make sure it’s only one customer at a time so there’s enough space for them to walk out, walk in, and there’s no interaction between strangers. We’re trying to make sure our cleaning procedure [and] our sanitizing procedure, is at its best and as long as we follow all that stuff, hopefully, everything will be good."

— store manager Aryan Izadi


Photo: Jason Lin

"We had to do a lot of online orders and third-party delivery. I just think people should support small businesses and small restaurants, instead of big ones like Amazon. Because those people [businesses] are going to survive, only the small businesses are at risk of dying."

— owner Zareen Khan

Bill's Cafe

Photo: Jason Lin

"We’ve had our patio open for those months and then we had indoors open for a couple months, but since they shut that down, I’d say its been going okay. It’s only going to be take-out only. There’s going to be less of us here. It’s going to be two of us working, and then the kitchen staff working. But as for business, for take-out it can get not busy at all. Sometimes we have no orders, but some days we can get a bunch of orders, so I’m not sure how that’s going to go."

— hostess Ailsara