St. George Street By: Gregory

When I turned the corner to St . George Street the minute I stepped on to the road I was greeted to the smell of sweet icecream. And St. George Street was filled with sights, sounds, and shops that I couldn’t resist.

There were so many sights on St. George Street but these were my three favorite sights. My first favorite sight was all the shops you could go onto and buy all the stuff you wanted like a little ring shop. My second favorite thing were the horses that were pulling buggies. Those horses were so tall I had to look up to see their faces.And my last favorite thing were some of the old houses we passed by that had a whole lot of history behind them.

My second most favorite part of St. George Street were the sounds. My first favorite sound were all the people who were making music at restaurants and alleys. My second favorite sound were the people singing all over the place. And my last favorite sound were the dogs barking on the street.

So now here is my last most favorite part of the whole thing : The shops. This was absolutely the most fun thing I have ever seen. My first favorite shop was the Magic shop. They had all these kinds of magic tricks and they had a live magic show! But to bad I didn’t get to see it. But next time if I come back I will probably see it. My second favorite shop was the sword shop with all kinds of weapons. They had little plastic ninja swords to 950,000 volts laser gun. And my last favorite shop was this popsicle shop named Hyppo. It made me a little hyper because it had a lot of good popsicles.

t was really fun on St. George Street and I hope I see these wonderful things again.

My trip to St. Augistine

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