Top 10 places to visit IN THE UNITED STATES

10. New york city

I would absolutely hate traffic and would not like the view but i would like to see the statue of liberty

9. Las Vegas, Nevada

It would not be as bad as New york city by it still is bad you could gamble all of you money away or worst, but I would like to try the food

8. New Orleans , Louisiana

The traffic looks horrible and it's in a swampy state it does not sound very pleasing to my, but I would like the year round festivals

7. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio doesn't seem horrible but I don't like texes

6. Los angeles, California

Los angeles seens a neat place to be plus it's near the ocean .

5. Denver, Colorado

Denver is a good looking place and it hav mountains which would be cool to climb.

4. Hershey , Pennsylvania

hershey Pennsylvania seems decent but i can't stand the smell of melted chocolate.

3. Orlando, Florida

Orlando seems like a really cool place to go just because it's near Disney land.

2. Honolulu , Hawaii

this is my top 2 places i would like to go this place because it really pretty

1. Anchorage , Alaska

i would love to go here because it is in the polar area and it really nice her at night

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