Hoop for Less basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes for Less

Hoop for Less is a online store that sells cheap basketball shoes. Similar to Ebay and Amazon to where people can post shoes that they would like to sell to consumers. What makes Hoop for Less different from Ebay and Amazon is that every shoe posting must be under one hundred dollars, if the shoes are not posted under one hundred dollars then the website will remove the shoe. The main reason why all the shoes must be under one hundred dollars is for the families and people who don't have the money to buy the two hundred dollar Kobe's at Foot Locker. Hoop for Less will provide people with cheaper shoes to play basketball in.

In the the future Hoop for Less will become a sports store. In malls all around america, and the price of the shoes will still be under one hundred dollars. Hoop for Less will also expand into other sports and have other sport shoes. Baseball, Tennis, and soccer are the other three sports Hoop for Less will invest in. This way more consumers can get good cheap quality shoes. Even if they do not play basketball, we still want all sport shoes to be sold for Less.

Hoop for Less will expand into sports gear. Sport cloths, basketballs, and socks will also be at a very low price. Hoop for Less will soon come out with a logo and will have T-shirts and basketballs with the logo on the ball. Like all the other products the logo products will be very cheap for people to buy.


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