CIOL®Wood Lasts until a new tree is matured

Durable and affordable

Wood is an amazing versatile material in need of protection from harsh and wet climate!

Wood protected by the CIOL® process is just that – the solution for using wood materials that can sustain these harsh climates.

Choosing to use CIOL® will give you a material with superior protection and durability based on a green and sustainable process using affordable ingredients.

CIOL® is produced with easy accessible and low priced ingredients, and together with a new process development will CIOL® give you a high quality product in the lower price range.

The technology

The CIOL® process includes a mixture of water, citric acid, sorbitol and additives. All chemicals are derived from natural processes. The CIOL® solution is absorbed into the wood matrix with vacuum and pressure. The superior protection is then fixed in the wood by a curing step. CIOL® modified wood will have the same appearance even after a long time outdoors.

The research

ARD Innovation and NIBIO are working together on the Polysorb project - a commercialization project funded by the FORNY program at The Research Council of Norway.

NIBIO, Department of Wood Technology is continuously working to bring CIOL® towards the market. Testing includes material properties, areas of use and process optimization toward commercialization. The goal of the Polysorb project is to document the use of CIOL® wood for cladding and terrace boards as well as high demand installation materials, such as poles and constructive elements.

Further reading:

The ValorWood project, funded by The Research Council of Norway also looks into CIOL® treated wood, types and areas of usage – click below for more info



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