Benjamin House Meet the USA

My Name is Benjamin Louis House

Some picture in micagan.

I was born in michigan.

My natiality is amercan.

This is the Statue of Liberty.
The animal of amerca.
A fall in amerca.

So are some of my relatves are american.

I can olny speak english.

I like hotdogs.

These are hotdogs.
I love mac and cheese.

Some mac cheese.



I like chrismas because visating my ant.

Senes we have a big famly we eat thanksgiving diner early.

I hope you like the USA!


Created with images by Free Grunge Textures - - "US Grunge Flag" • kevin dooley - "Don't let the sun go down on your grievances" • TobiasD - "skyscraper city chicago" • lmp13 - "hot air balloon university of michigan blue" • skeeze - "coast guard patrol harbor" • tpsdave - "milwaukee wisconsin art museum" • markusspiske - "globe africa europe" • Ronile - "statue of liberty new york ny" • Christoph - "bald eagles bald eagle bird of prey" • ♡ dare to share beauty - "Avalon Falls - HDR" • EvinDC - "IMG_2382" • The Knowles Gallery - "Hotdogs on the grill" • wesweaver - "macaroni mac and cheese cheese" • dgbury - "cookies" • hansbenn - "thanksgiving corn apple" • allenran 917 - "Star chrismas tree" • foot fingers - "thanksgiving diner, 2012"

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