Dear IDEA members and friends: Information about IDEA’s General Council Meeting (GCM) and the celebration IDEA 25 YEARS and other IDEA Pre-Meetings.

Place: University of Evora, Portugal Dates: The meetings and events will take place between 8 to 15 July. See the precise dates for the different IDEA bodies, the work groups, projects and the GCM

Dates of the GCM are: Monday and Tuesday 10 and 11 July + Thursday and Friday 13 and 14 July 2017. On 12 July 2017 IDEA celebrates its 25th anniversary.

IDEA is registered as an association for Drama/Theatre & Education in Portugal and was founded during the first International Congress on Drama/Theatre & Education in Oporto, in Theatre Rialto in July 1992. Reason for our Portuguese colleagues Lucilia Valente and members of MOVIEMENTE to offer to host and help organise a celebration-event in the middle of the 4 days of the GCM sessions. With gratitude IDEA has accepted this offer and invites its membership to take part in this celebration IDEA 25 YEARS in Evora on Wednesday 12 July. The Program and the Anniversary Party takes place in the buildings of the University of Evora.

You cannot be present?!

Then IDEA challenges you to invent and use digital ways of communication and exchange as your present for IDEA’s anniversary. In Evora your ‘distant’ contribution will be integrated into the programs of the Expert Meetings via digital presentations and your contributions, when applicable, will be shared in the General Council Meeting. To organise this well in advance IDEA invites you to send your digital materials before 15 June 2017. IDEA aims to prepare a digital connection during the GCM IDEA with members not present in Portugal in other countries and continents via the system ZOOM Clouds Meeting. You’ll be informed about the progress and feasibility of this plan and about the technical details how to connect ‘life’ with the GCM in Evora.

You are searching and requesting for money to be physically present in Portugal? IDEA has no financial means to cover your costs for travel and lodging, but IDEA can provide information about the GCM and IDEA for grant applications and other funding requests. We can also write letters for a personalised invitation, and even perhaps provide the names of organisations or funding bodies that might be able to provide sponsorship or subsidies.

Just let us know what assistance you need and we’ll advise you as best as we can.

Looking forward to meeting you in Evora, Sonya Baehr, coordinator Work Group Strategic Planning IDEA ​- E-mail: Maria van Bakelen, coordinator IDEA 25 YEARS - E-mail:

PREPARATION of the IDEA events in Portugal

The General Council Meeting (GCM): The concerned GCM documents such as the Draft Agenda with various Forms will be sent to the membership from mid-February on, following and improving the procedures developed in the past. The members of the General Meeting Committee (GCM), Sanja Krsmanovic–Tasic, Byoung Joo Kim, Maria van Bakelen, have initiated this process and will continue the preparation in close cooperation with IDEA’s President Robin Pascoe, EC Secretary Susan Battye, IDEA Administrator Peter Wallace.

IDEA 25 YEARS: This is an organic moment to look back to the past and to better move forward. A Survey has been developed and sent to the IDEA members to re-think and improve the existing structure and strategies. The analysed Data will give input to proposals to make the strategy of IDEA sustainable for the next 25 years.

The Executive Committee (EC) and the General Meeting Committee (GMC) have asked and received support and has organised the volunteering members into two Work Groups: 1. The work group Strategic Planning IDEA Supervision Sonya Baehr, Project Director in the EC.

Members: Europe: *Aline Menz, *Joachim Reiss; Turkey: Omer Adiguzel; Asia:*Jeffrey Tan; Indian Subcontinent: *Sisir Dutta; Africa: *Christian Odhiambo; South America: *Lili Galvan, *Silvia Vammaro

The SURVEY has been sent out to the IDEA members to collect their ideas for a sustainable structure for IDEA in the next 25 YEARS. This data will be the base for an analysis and proposals to the GCM in Evora for discussion and decision. The Work group will conclude its work in a meeting in Evora on 08 and 09 July.

2. The work group IDEA 25 YEAR Supervision Maria van Bakelen, Secretary GMC Members: Lucilia Valente (Portugal) - Anj Heruela (Philippines) - Pepe Coppola (Italy) - Aline Menz (Germany) - Szofia Jozifec (Hungary) - Kristin Runde (Norway) - ABRA (Brazil) - Zeki Ozen (Turkey) - Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic (Serbia) - Marion Kuester (Germany) -Nikos Govas (Greece).

This group works on the program for IDEA 25 YEARS in Evora on Wednesday 12 July. Experts will be invited for the Round Tables in each of the Expert Meetings; relevant projects on the themes will be selected and presented, also digitally; space will be given for poems, songs, storytelling, dance, theatre acts, exhibitions, drama plays.

The Work group will conclude its work in a meeting in Evora on 08 and 09 July. To fine tune the program the coordinators of the two work groups have regular contact.

Overview of all IDEA Events Saturday 8 to Sunday 15 July 2017 Venue: University of EVORA - PORTUGAL Hosts: University and Movimente. More details will be sent in March – see also the new website of IDEA - under EVENTS.

07 July​ Friday Arrival EO-members and IDEA EUROPE (IE) members Idea participants student’s project ‘1m² - one square meter’

08-09 July​ Saturday and Sunday

■ Elected Officers Meeting ​​ ■ IDEA Europe (IE) Meeting 2017 ​■ Work group Strategic Planning ■ Workgroup IDEA 25 YEARS ■ Work group DRAMA/THEATRE in SCHOOLS ■ Project ‘1m² - one square meter’ ■ Arrival participants PhD DAY

09 July​Sunday

Arrival IDEA delegate. ■ PhD DAY

10–11 July​Monday and Tuesday

■ General Council Meeting – Nominations ■ Project ‘1m² - one square meter

12 July ​Wednesday Celebration IDEA’s anniversary

■ Program IDEA 25 YEARS with Expert Meetings ■ Project presentations ‘1m² - one square meter

13 -14 July​Thursday and Friday

■ General Council Meeting - Elections

15 July ​Saturday

■ Transfer Meeting New Elected Officers with leaving EO’s ■ Departure IDEA Delegates

See also the scheduled timetable

PROGRAM CELEBRATION IDEA 25 YEARS – still under construction

On Wednesday 12 July 2017 at the University of Evora - Portugal

Note: The detailed program for the 4 Expert Meetings and speakers is available mid-March.

During the whole day ‘looping’-presentations by the new generation

See the information below about this Parallel project titled: 1m² - one square meter’


Welcome speech and felicitations to IDEA by Host and IDEA President Robin Pascoe

Drama in schools: Advocacy, a task of IDEA-Joachim Reiss

Community theatre: Relating D/T/A/ to society

Research Exchange: IDEA, a platform for PhD students D/T/A & Education-Peter Duffy

Division in 4 subgroups for the 4 Expert Meetings

10 am – 5 pm​ EXPERT MEETINGS (simultaneously programmed)

Program Expert Meetings – under leadership of the moderator

10.15 –12.15 am​ Round table - Input by invited experts and discussions


Coffee/tea/soft drinks available in each rooms

BREAK for lunch

2 – 3.30 pm​​ Presentations relevant thematic projects by IDEA members

BREAK for tea/coffee/soft drinks

4 - 5 pm​​ Workshop on the theme

5 - 5.30 pm​ Conclusions – Summary – Presentation workshop - Proposals for new actions

5.30 - 6.30 pm​ Plenary session: Reports by the moderators

Proposals to the GCM – GCM-sessions on 13 and 14 July

6 - 10 pm​ Aperitif - Reception - Dinner with Festive program Open Podium / Stage for music, theatre acts, dance, light projection, poems, DVD’s, entr’actes.

Organisation by a Ceremony master

Parallel program titled: 1m² - one square meter

This project of students and young professionals starts on 8 July and ends with the presentations on 12 July. Inspired by the 3 themes of the Expert Meetings the young colleagues create artistic D/T/A/ work, collaborate and present it as solo, duo or trio at IDEA 25 YEARS on 12 July.

More information: Tom Willems: Aline Mentz:

Side program: Exchange Research PhD students planned on Sunday 9 July. Coordinator: Peter Duffy, elected Director of Research in the EC:

More info follows a.s.a.p.

Invitation to speak at the opening plenary of IDEA 25 YEARS



Per theme/Expert meeting a sub workgroup prepares the program. See the proposed names below

Note: Most of the names need to be contacted and confirmed; people need to make their choise.


A. Organising the Round tables by the Experts

B. Proposing some statements to focus the discussion

C. Tracing upfront interesting projects of IDEA members to be presented

D. Finding volunteers for translation and making report


1. Drama/theatre in use for social aims

Moderators: ​

Nikos Govas–Board member of the Greek IDEA member TENet:;

Marion Kuester, President AC:

Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic, President GMC, President CEDEUM-Serbia:

A. Subtheme: Refugees / Migrants

Coordinators: ​Nikos Govas:;

Zsófia Jozifek, board member HUDEA, Hungary:

B. Subtheme: Drama/Theatre/Arts and Democracy

Coordinators: ​Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic:

Kristin Runde, Norway, member COCO IE:

Zeki Özen, Turkey, member board CDA:

2. Ecology –sustainability on global level and in the internal IDEA structure

Moderators: ​Tom Willems, member Coordination Committee (COCO) of IE:

Sonya Baer, Project Director in the EC:

3. Rehearsing the Future - Remaking the past

Moderators: ​Aline Mentz, work group YOUNG / IDEA/Student’s IDEA:

Anj Heruela (Philippines) Director YOUNG IDEA-

Pepe Coppola, member AGITA, Italy: Pepe Coppola:

Lucilia Valente, member COCO IE, member Movimente:

4. The subject DRAMA /THEATRE in SCHOOLS

Moderators: ​Joachim Reiss, member COCO IE:

Richard Sallis, Director of Publications in the EC:

Susan Battye, EC;

Tintti Karppinen, member COCO IE, member

Lily Galvan, Peru, member Strategic Planning:


The Program is still under construction. For now 4 themes have been detected:

See below suggestions for the content and some aspects of the themes.

1. Drama/theatre in use for social aims

A. Refugees / Migrants

Examples of the use of D/T/A and Community Art for actual social and global problems

- Presentation results projects of IDEA members on this issue:

° IT COULD BE ME – IT COULD BE YOU - project of TENet Greece with UNHCR:

° CHANGING HORIZONS an interdisciplinary project on migration.

Partners from South-and Middle America and Europe (DVD)

° Work in Refugees camps in Bangladesh

° Community Theatre-Arts in the Philippines

B. Drama/Theatre/Arts and Democracy

Visions on democracy in different cultures and the role of D/T/A in situations of repression, censorship.

- Presentation of results of IDEA projects / projects of partners:

° Performance Sanja Krsmanovic–Tasic

° Information on situations in different countries (literature – art works):

e.g. Examples of humour, satire against suppression

e.g. Examples of (scenes in) theatre plays

2. Ecology –sustainability on global level and in the internal IDEA structure

- Presentation of results of IDEA projects / projects of partners:

° LAND AND HOME by Sonya Baehr and partners in all continents

° Project Rivers of Creativity–digital ABRA-Brasil (2 young Dutch graduates are present who have worked as Artists in Residence in Marabà, Brazil)

° Project Community Theatre. Global Perspectives-Eugene van Erven (1999-2001) book-DVD

3. Rehearsing the Future - Remaking the past

Old and New – Confrontation, transfer and exchange between the old and the new IDEA generations:

A look backwards to the past 25 years of IDEA and a vision forwards to the next 25 years.

- Presentation (also digitally) of YOUNG IDEA projects and the process and results of the Parallel project ‘ 1M²- one square meter’

- Discussion and conclusion about future projects of YOUNG IDEA, STUDENT’s IDEA with proposals to the GCM for discussions and decisions.

4. The subject DRAMA /THEATRE in SCHOOLS

How can Drama/Theatre become available for every child/youngster?

That means: How to implement D/T into the school curriculum?

Development in the last 25 years

Status quo in different countries / Mapping

Future aims and perspectives

Strategies for Advocacy.

Bulletin no. 2 GCM and IDEA 25 YEARS is planned in the first week of March.

Keep also an eye on the newly launched IDEA website.

You will receive practical information about:

- Subscription for IDEA Delegates for the GCM

- Subscription (only) for the Celebration Day IDEA 25 YEAR on 12 July

- Payment of the subscription fee for IDEA 25 YEARS

- Information about accommodation and food

- Touristic information

- Information on other theatre/art events in July in Portugal

Information: Secretary GMC Maria van Bakelen:;

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