Becoming a Camera Operator By Trey Sheridan

Job Description

  • Setup camera
  • Operate Camera
  • Take Orders


  • Bachelor's degree
  • Hands on
  • History of Film
  • USC Upstate

Job Growth And Pay

  • 11% through 2014-2024
  • Due to high demand
  • $55,740

Character traits

  • Hard working
  • Team player
  • Be able to take orders

Experience is Key

  • Confidence
  • Helps you advance in you career

Surviving The Entertainment Indusry

  • Very Competitive
  • Be able to take criticism
  • Adapt

Keep Learning

  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Keep up with new technology

Diffrent types of Jobs

  • Newstation
  • Espn
  • Big filming companies Ex: Warner Bros
  • Small filming companies Ex: Grassroots films

Filming Sports

  • Film sports live
  • Very Demanding
  • Experience needed

George Lucas

Famous for directing the Star Wars franchise

  • He Started his Career as a Cameraman
  • He was one of the several cameramen who filmed the Rolling Stones concert "Gimme Shelter"


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