Tulelake California

Tulelake is a small community in the northeast of California. It's population is 1,000. That number swells during the farming season. Tulelake is also known as the home for an internment camp built in 1942 to house Japanese-Americans. Road signs to the internment camp memorial now refer to it as the 'segregation camp'. The memorial refers to it as the 'concentration camp'.

Tulelake's main industry is farming, with alfalfa, potatoes, grain and mint being the prominent crops.

The first thing you see on entering are shelves of liquor next to the cash registers. For better prices and more options, residents must drive 35 miles to Klamath Falls in Oregon where they can shop at Albertsons and the Walmart Supercenter.
Directions to the past
The Tulelake Concentration Camp memorial. There was another camp in Tulelake for Italian and German prisoners of war.
Silos. Behind the silos is the Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge.
Taxidermy Studio, Main St
Sidewalk nativity
Public toilets
Defunct pumps in front of the closed down general store
Abandoned house
A place to forget
Abandoned house
Stop sign at Dunsmuir St and Highway 139

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