Behind Closed Doors New thriller movie

Behind closed doors is a brilliant movie filmed, acted, edited and advertised by the pupils and teacher of Primary 7 at Echline Primary School. It has been a great learning expierience for every one involved. All of the pupils havetaken part in this amazing project and have developt a number of skills including leadership, communication, confidence, IT, teamwork, creativity and there ability to work well with others without close supervision

Cast List

  • Eve Dignan-Main actor
  • Ross Cook-Main actor
  • Rory Dunlop-Main actor
  • Xander Brown-Main actor
  • Nathan Brown-Main actor
  • Charley Manger-Main actor
  • Alicia Cuningham-Main actor
  • Dylan Beatie-Main actor
  • Kole Harold-Main actor
  • Lucy Anderson-Actor and Director
  • Sophie Hughes-Editor
  • Louisa Inglis- Advertisment
  • Freya Stewart-Camera
  • Katherine Shaw- Director
  • Jacob Powsek-Camera
  • Abbey Page-Director
  • Luke Gordon-Music
  • Aaron Stewart-Executive Producer
  • Rory Bennet-Executive Producer
  • Jordan Fenton-Scenery Director
  • Rowan Veitch-Scripts
  • Euan O'Rourke-Production
  • George McPherson-Scenery Director
  • Gregor Hinchcliffe-Director
  • Matthew Dickson-Editor
  • Nikita Mclean-Advertisment
  • Aidan O'Malley-Advertisment
  • Brendan Humpreys-Advertisment
  • Maidah Ahmed-Advertisment
  • Ben McGuigan-Extra
  • Dylan Froude-Advertisment
  • Jude Moir-Main actor and Producer


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