Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Joshua travis

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist
  • This was the "Northeast Gorge at Appledore" and what attracted me to it in the beginning was the how the artist used the paint
  • The oil on the canvas was thick and was raised more in some areas than others giving it a rough but realistic look
  • This piece made me feel joyful and at home since it reminded me of the swimming hole my family goes to every summer
Design of the Museum
  • What attracted me in the beginning to this wing of the museum was the blue glass that lit up because of the natural light flowing through them
  • The next thing that attracted me were the tall ceilings that were slanted to the left giving it a open feeling and also modern
  • This wing of the museum gave me a somewhere free feeling because of all the open space and tall ceiling
Art and Core Values
  • This piece of art evoked happiness in me because I have Native American ancestry and my grandpa has a piece similar to this one
  • This piece helps me better understand what I believe in by showing the beauty of the Native american culture
Art and the Good Life
  • This piece of art depicts teamwork and friendship, both having strong ties to the Good Life
  • Everyone is biking together in a close knit group and seem as if they are all talking to eachother
  • This embodies a theme of the Good Life because having a good group of close friends can prove to be beneficial in helping you through the rough times of your life

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