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Hand poured in London using Aroma, Crystal and Angel Therapy


  • Hand poured in London using Aroma, Crystal and Angel Therapy
  • 100% Vegetable Soy Wax (properties: cooler burn pool, washable, great scent throw, green product - renewable, sustainable, biodegradable, and NOT from bees)
  • 100% Natural Scents mixed by our nose using 100% Essential oils
  • Each candle is energetically charged with crystal and angel therapy with guided messages printed on the back
  • Vegan Friendly, Kosher, and NOT tested on animals
  • Contains NO Palm Wax, Petroleum, Pesticides, or animal products
  • Burn time approx 40 hours
EACH NATURALLY SCENTED CANDLE is carefully put together using aroma therapy & 100% Essential oils

Elixir Candle Range

Perfect gift for your soul moments, for loved ones who cannot use synthetic products, and for those in need of some love.

  1. RELAX - warm spiced citrus scent (£40)
  2. LOVE - sensual floral scent (£40)
  3. MOOD - fresh floral scent (£40)
  4. CLEARING - smoked woody scent (£40)
  5. COURAGE- aromatic oriental scent (£40)
  6. HARMONY - crisp zesty scent (£40)
EACH candle is marked with our redeveloped ancient angelic symbols to provide special messages and energetic healing


Perfect gift for people who have lost loved ones, or for you to celebrate and remember loved ones who have past on.

  1. MEMORIAL CANDLE - This candle is unscented, and will burn for approximately 40 hours. This candle contains an Angelite crystal bead. Angelite enables higher levels of communication with spiritual guides and angels. Once the candle is finished, you can wear the bead or carry it with you. (£25)
  2. YAHRZEIT CANDLE - This candle is unscented, it will burn for approximately 24 – 26 hours, and can be used for Yahrzeit and Yom Kippur. (£25)

THE STORY Florence London

Florence was the name of the founders mom. Her name meant lady of the lamp, and she was a healer and carer. Florence London strives to create products that provide healing in more than one way using natural and pure ingredients. Sourced direct from source, our essential oils are 100% pure, steam distilled with no added ingredients. You are not getting any run of the mill products when buying from us.

Contact us: contactflorencelondon@gmail.com or +447756 198 254

What people have to say about our candles:

"I love these candles. The soft gentle aroma and energy which they are charged with are really amazing and magical. You musty try one. Full five star". - Aida Coertse
"I loved the candles - very good quality and they made a difference to the ambience in my house". - Nikola Dimov
"Florence London candles are great they smell beautiful, are affordable, last a long time, and do not overwhelm you <3". - Georgina Spiliopolous
"Just love these candles ! They seem to burn forever , ethically sound and have lovely, subtle essential oil aromas. Home feels empty without at least 1 on the burn". - Greg Jacques
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Florence London

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