S.T.E.A.M Reflective S.t.e.a.m jOurnal

By Eli Lawrence

This term we have been experimenting with the LITTLE BITS S.T.E.A.M KIT. We had also experimented with Dash for our coding.


  • Solar and water powered Aquaduck
  • Co2 powered car
  • Solar Powered motorcycle


  • Pedal power
  • Solar power
  • Water power
  • Chemical conversion
  • Bacon grease
  • Magnetism
  • Co2

Magnetic power

Magnetic power could be harnessed to move trains,cars and people. In Tokyo they have started to build a magnetic bullet train where their are magnets on the bottom of the train and on the rails. When the magnets tilt the opposite magnetic forces push against each other and the train will be propelled along the track therefore taking people from one place to another.


THE Solar and water powered AQUADUCK

My alternate powered vehicle is the solar and water powered Aquaduck. I first designed it on Assembly. For it to work you need to connect the solar panels and water turbines to the battery in the front of the vehicle.

This is my S.W.O.T. analysis table

This is my action plan for how to prototype and construct my alternate powered vehicle.

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