My Endangered Animal BY: Netaya Gilbert

Design Challenge /Assignment Parameters

Design Challenge: I'm going to try draw a Snow Leopard and then cut it into linoleum so I could print it out with ink onto a piece of paper.

Assignment Goal: To be able for the first time try to draw a realistic animal or plant

Assignment Parameter: A squared piece of linoleum, the cutting tool, ink, roller, 11 pieces of paper

Planning & Sketch

I decided to do a type of big cat that was endangered in a different continent and I don’t think many people know about the Snow Leopard, it’s really endangered because people hunted them down for medicine that can’t be found here, I decide to do a baby snow leopard and i know that its hard but you just have to get the fur texture right. I drew the picture first, Molly said that It looked awesome and couldn’t as good as me, Taylor said that she liked it and Makayla said that I did an awesome job with the fur texture.

Process & In-Progress Work

I started out with drawing the eyes then with the fur texture going down the nose and around the eyes, to the mouth. The hard part was the mouth cause it is connected to the nose by I just couldn’t get the shape, bu ti just had mrs. mccaffery help me it seem to look A ok

Created By
Netaya Gilbert


Created with images by SaraYeomans - "Snow Leopard"

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