The Absolutely True MemOir of a Highschool Student By Matt Marchini

Table of Contents

1. This is 14

2. My Encylopedia

3. Boy

4. Hope is poem

5. Thanksgiving

6. Authors' Note

This is 14

Fourteen is the the age when you take your seat on the ride of adolescence. The ride is high school, and it is four years long. Once the bar comes down on your lap, you are locked in on a journey that will make you feel many emotions. The first feeling you have is nervousness and butterflies in your stomach because you have never done this before. High school can be overwhelming.

Fourteen is the age of adjustment to a new school, and work load. Every kid has their own time of adjustment. It is not particularly easy to adjust to a new atmosphere. Kids may feel intimidated by the size of their new school. While adjusting to a new school, kids may feel pressure to go outside their comfort zone. Kids may feel overwhelmed with the new amount of work that they are receiving. Adjustment to a new place does take time.

Fourteen is the age of discovery. You discover what clubs you want to join, the sports you may want to try, and new classes to learn new things. More importantly, it is a time to meet and learn from new people in your school. Their culture, how they are different from you and how we are all similar is what you can learn from a new person. Fourteen is the age when you start getting more freedom from your parents to start growing into an adult. With this freedom there will be wonderful things to learn as well as a couple of mistakes that I'm sure will be made. I think it is the time in your life where you start to understand what type of people you like, what things you like to do and you start to understand what things are important to you.

Fourteen is the age when you know that you have to start thinking about becoming an adult and you start to realize that childhood does not look that bad. You start to figure out that you can't order chicken nuggets in restaurants all the time and you wonder if you have to start buying your sisters presents for Christmas. It the age you start to realize that things you want cost money and that your parents may not want to buy you every new Xbox game every couple of months.You also realize that life would be a lot easier if you had your own car since you don't want to ask your parents to drive you.

At fourteen you sort of feel like you are watching a movie. The movie is getting really good, and you do not want it to end. Once the movie ends, you are sad because it is over. You wish that you could watch it again and again. Then you realize that there will be many more movies in your future.

At fourteen you realize that there is a lot that you don't know, but there also is a lot that you do know. You will eventually learn what you do not know in later years, as long as you give it your best effort and do not give up. If you are determined to learn something, then you will.

This is 14. This is me. Now.

My Encyclopedia



My very favorite fruit. I especially like the Honeycrisp, although my mother does not buy them so often because they are $3.49 a pound. Every year my family and I go to Yorktown where my cousins live, to pick apples at an orchard. After picking the apples, my Mom and aunts would make our family a big apple pie.


My favorite season. It is a beautiful time of year when the orange and yellow leaves are falling to the ground. My favorite part of Autumn would be raking the leaves for my neighbors and family. Unfortunately, my family does not pay me to rake the leaves.



My dog. He is a nine year old cockapoo. He is sometimes the worst dog, and sometimes the best. Whenever we are eating around him, he always barks very loudly. We are not supposed to feed him table food, but sometimes I have to throw a piece of my food so that he can be quiet for a minute.

Buffalo chicken

My absolute favorite pizza. Whenever my parents order a pizza pie, they know to get buffalo chicken. I usually do not enjoy spicy food, but buffalo chicken pizza is an exception. My family cannot handle the hot sauce on the pizza, so they usually end up having teary eyes and not eating it. I'm fine with that because that leaves more for me.



Every summer my family and I go camping at Lake George with all of my cousins. We sleep in tents by the lake for three days and cook all of our meals over the campfire we build. While camping, we swim, fish, build campfires, go tubing, and play many games. Camping is one of many things that makes me look forward to summer.


My favorite plant. Every couple of years my family and our friends go to Arizona for spring break. One time in the first grade while I was in Arizona, I brought back a mini Cactus plant. To this very day, the plant is still alive.



I am very fortunate to be born into a kind and loving family. I try my hardest to never take my family for granted. My family provides me with love, support, and guidance. Whenever they ask me to do chores, I do them because that is my way of giving back to them.


My age. Over the past fourteen years, I have learned many valuable lessons and how to treat people with respect. Fourteen is the year of becoming a young adult. At fourteen, you enter high school and start to have more responsibilities and need to manage your time efficiently. I hope the next fourteen years of my life are even better than the last fourteen.



My favorite sport. I have been playing the game since kindergarten. It is a way to clear my mind, and have fun. It is also a great way to meet new friends. When you start to play with different teams like I do, you meet many new people. Lacrosse allows you to experience many emotions, because of the competitive edge the game gives you.


My favorite car. Ever since I first saw one parked in the Stop and Shop parking lot, I begged my parents to get one. Then, as I grew older I soon came to realize that everything has a price tag. Hopefully one day in the future after I win the lottery, I will become the owner of a Lamborghini.

Lamb chops

One of my least favorite dinners. Ever since my mom made our family lamb chops two days in a row one time, I have become sick of them. If I ever come remotely close to or smell lamb chops, I will become sick. She always teases me about how she plans on making lamb chops for dinner. She can also use it as a threat. If I ever misbehave or don't do what my mom tells me to do, she threatens that she will make lamb chops for dinner. Thankfully she is only kidding.



My favorite hockey team. I watch every game, and find it very entertaining. I always beg my parents to bring me to a Rangers game, but because the tickets are $200 each my parents usually say no. If I am lucky, for Christmas my mom says that she could possibly get me Rangers tickets. Every time I go to a game, I have the best experience. I hope that there will be more opportunities for me to go to a Rangers game.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the place where my family and I vacation every summer. We vacation at our beach house in Matunuck Beach, RI. Rhode Island is called the “Ocean State” because of its’ beautiful beaches. It is a place where I feel at at peace. We always feel renewed after our time at the beach, and we wish that we could make that feeling last all through the year.


This is how you talk to your mother and father, and this is how you talk to you talk to your sisters. Don't hold a grudge. Be honest with people. This is how you treat your grandmas. This is how you talk to your cousins. Don't let me see you smoking anything. But I never have smoked, and I never will. Clean your room and make your bed every day. This is how you act like a responsible young adult. This how you manage your time. This is how you study for a test. This is how you get good grades. Think before you speak, this will save you a lot of trouble in life. Walk the dog when you get home from school, and always pick up the poop. This is how to be a good neighbor. Take out the trash every night after dinner. Take out the recycling on Tuesday nights as well. Don't mix the paper with the plastic. This is what you should do during your free time, unlike the holligan you are so bent on becoming. This is how you shoot a gun, but only for hunting. This is how you use the grill. This is how you throw a football, and this is how you play lacrosse. Don't wear your dirty cleats into the house, this will make your mother very happy. This is how you pitch a tent. This is how you persuade your parents to buy you something that is a little too expensive. This how to order pizza, and this is how to order Chinese food. Always tip your barber. Give him a good tip, so that you will always get a good haircut. This is how you get a free ice cream sample, and this is how you get a bigger scoop. Treat a woman with respect, and never hit a girl even if they are behaving badly. Don't raise your voice in an argument, this just makes you look crazy. This is how you chop wood, and this is how you make a fire. Be a good friend to everyone, and don't lie to them ever. This is how you make and keep friends. Never watch a scary movie before going to bed, you will not sleep. Go to Church on Sunday, and pray for your family and friends. You can never say please and thank you too much. Do at least one kind thing everyday for someone else. It will make you feel good. Always wear your seatbelt. Never text while walking, it can be dangerous. This is how you shave. This is how you wash your face. This is how you set a good example. Always use the crosswalk. Never talk to strangers on the internet. Always use sunscreen, even when you think that it's cloudy. Don't run with scissors. Always eat breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. Eat your vegetables. You will wish you did when you're older. This is how you brush your teeth, and this is how you floss your teeth. Never waste a day because every day counts, even the bad ones. Give what you can to the poor. We are all God's children. This is how you succeed in life. Never give up, and try your best by giving it your all. Good things will come back to you. Don't talk with food in your mouth. Always use your napkin to wipe your mouth. Always use a knife and a fork, and never burp at the table. This is rude, and your mother would be disappointed. Always thank your mother for dinner, even if you did not like it. She will appreciate the thought. Never fight with your sisters. But what if they are totally wrong about some things? You mean after all that, you're going to be the type of boy who argues with his sisters?

Hope is poem

Hope is something you cannot see

An invisible strength within

It helps you through the tough times

When you feel you cannot win

Hope is a beating heart

It helps keep you alive

It's something you are thankful for

Hope inspires you to survive

Hope is a guiding hand

Which points on your way

It gives you faith and makes you stronger

Each and everyday

Hope is a needle in a haystack

It can be impossible to find

You need to stay determined

So you can leave despair behind


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is a day for being thankful for all of the blessings that I have in my life. It is a time to relax and spend quality time with family and loved ones. It is also a time of eating endless amounts of food without being criticized. As my family gathers around the table and eats the food that we have all helped to prepare, we talk and laugh about family memories and past holidays. A lot of my family comes to my house for Thanksgiving, even my cousins from Norway. There are twenty four adults and children crowded around the table, yet there is always room for everyone. This Thanksgiving however, will be a little different. It is the first Thanksgiving that we celebrate without my Grandpa. My Grandpa passed away in September of this year, and we miss him very much. He was an important part of our family. There will be a big void without him this year, however we will still try to make the best of it. He wouldn't want us to be sad, but to enjoy our time together.

The morning of Thanksgiving usually starts off very peaceful. Even before I open my eyes, I smell all of the delicious foods that my mom is making downstairs in the kitchen. It is the perfect alarm clock, and my stomach starts to growl for all the food that is to come. The beginning of my day involves me staying in my pajamas as long as possible. After breakfast, my mom makes me take a shower and put on nice clothes. One of my jobs in the morning is to walk my dog. My other jobs consist of me doing whatever it is my mom needs help with. I finish setting the table, bring in firewood, and taking the coats from our guests as they start to arrive. Then, it is time to make my cousins comfortable at my house. This involves sharing, which I do not usually have a problem with, except when it involves sharing my xbox. My cousins are little and they tend to break things. One year, my little cousin Jack threw my xbox controller on the ground and it broke. It was hard not get angry because he was little, and didn't know any better. Aside from that, being with my cousins is always a lot of fun. We watch movies and play games together, as we wait for dinner to be ready. Everyone is getting really hungry by now.

Finally, it is time to start eating. We begin with appetizers like shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms, and many other delicious appetizers. My cousins start to eat like they haven't eaten for days. I try to pace myself, because I know that there is a lot more food to come, and I want to enjoy all of it. I limit myself to just a few pieces of shrimp. After this, we take take a timeout to breathe a little while my mom gets the turkey ready for carving. My mother buys a gigantic turkey every year, which gives us enough leftovers for about a week. When we are called back to table, we are shocked with the amount of food that has been prepared. There is turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, at least five different vegetables, and my personal favorite, cranberry sauce. My grandpa used to love my mom's food. His favorite foods were turkey and stuffing, but he refused to eat the asparagus. We all fill our plates, and then we take a few minutes to say grace. Even though the food is waiting to be eaten, we go around the table and each say what we are thankful for. I usually say that I am thankful for my family and my friends, while my little cousins say that they're thankful for video games or something silly. My grandpa would always say that he was thankful for his family. Then, we feast. While eating, there is a lot of laughter and sharing of stories and happy memories. It seems like we stay at the table for hours as we move on to dessert. In our family, there is a traditional dessert called the Chocolate Roll. If you ask my mom, it is very hard to make. If you ask my dad, he will say that it is just a big Yodel. However, it is a holiday tradition and we always have it for dessert. I personally don't care for it, but I always take a slice.

As we linger at the table eating dessert, my grandma does most of the talking. She tells us many stories of what life was like when she was little, and how it was a simpler time to grow up. She tells us stories about when my mom and aunts and uncles were young, and all of the trouble they used to get into. In years past, my grandpa would chime in and add his own version of these stories. He always told us funny jokes at the table, and made us laugh a lot. My grandpa loved ice cream, and always would take us out for ice cream when we were younger. He would tell us the story about the time when he asked my sister when she was little, how she was feeling. She responded with, “ I'm feeling a little coney.” That was my sister's way of hinting that she wanted ice cream. Whenever we were eating dessert together, my grandpa would always ask us if we were feeling a little coney. That would make us all laugh and smile at my sister. Now that he is gone, this part of our celebration will be a little different. I am sure that we will all be a little sad because his presence will surely be missed at the table. However, I imagine that this will be an opportunity for us to tell stories about my grandpa, and all of the special times that each of us shared with him. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on life and the blessings that we have been given by God. My grandpa was truly a wonderful person and I will always be thankful for the years that I have had him in my life.

Authors Note

After completing my multi genre memoir, I have come to realize one important fact. My Family is the most important thing in my life. Without the love, support and guidance of my parents and sisters, I would be lost. While a lot of things in life change, your family is a constant source of support. You cannot always predict what life is going to throw at you, and things can change really quickly. I have learned that the one thing you can always rely on is your family to be there for you. My family supports and motivates me to do my best in everything that I do, and I see the importance of family reflected in my genre.

While creating my encyclopedia, I look back and reflect on the entry's I chose to write about. My favorite entry was the one about family. The best times I have had in life have been with my family. Although I have many friends, my family knows me better than anyone. They know all of strengths and my weaknesses. They always know when I've tried my absolute hardest, and when I could have worked harder. They can be harsh critics sometimes, but I appreciate their way because I know they're doing it with the of best intentions. They want to see me succeed and be the best person I can be.

When looking back on my “This is 14”, I also see the importance of my family reflected. When I turned fourteen, my parents and sisters began to impress upon me the importance of becoming a young adult. This involved me being more responsible, managing my time and making good decisions in all aspects of my life. In other words, they have been guiding and motivating me on the path to young adulthood. I realize that they are doing this, because they want what is best for me. This isn't easy for me, but I try my hardest.

Finally in my True Profile Narrative, the importance of my family is clearly depicted at our annual Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving is a day where my whole family comes together and celebrates all of life's blessings. I am thankful for many things, but I'm mostly thankful for my family. My family shapes the person that I am, and also shapes the person that I am destined to become.

The message that I hope to convey to the readers of my memoir is that your family is the most important part of your life. Time spent with family is priceless, and should never be taken for granted. The memories that you create together and the bonds you make are everlasting. Family will help get you through the tough times in your life, and will always remind you that they are there for you.

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