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During the process, I felt like it was very challenging for me to sort through most of the cards and decide on only 10 cards as my core value. I kept switching out a lot of the cards and double guessing which ones I valued more than others. I specifically had to debate between whether to choose 'Self-Acceptance' or 'Dependability' and 'Safety' or 'Rationality'.

The next process required me to get rid of half of my core values. I felt like most of my core values were similar and connected to each other, so I made myself match them up with another value and decide between the two. For example, I made myself pick between 'Loving' or 'Loved' and 'Romance' or 'Family'.

For my core value, I had to ask myself what value was so important that I could not live with myself if I did not have this quality about me. In the end, I was stuck between choosing 'Family' and 'Honesty'.

Top 10 Core Values:











Top 5 Core Values:






Core Value:


I found that ultimately, the values that were hardest to discard were 'Family', 'Loving', and 'Humor'.

I felt very attached to family because I feel like family is the foundation of most people's lives and is other people's main goals in life. I have always loved my family for always being there and supporting me throughout my life so I would want to have a family of my own similar to what I have. If I was not able to have this kind of family, then I would not feel like I have succeeded in part of my life.

For loving, I have always wanted to be someone who would love people unconditionally, no matter what wrongs they have done in life. I found it challenging to let this one go because I consider it one of my core qualities. I do not want any who is important to me feel like they are unloved or that I don't care about them. I want to make sure they always feel appreciated and loved.

Humor, surprisingly, I also found difficult to let go. I did not think I would be attached to this quality but it made it to my top 5. I realized that I consider humor to be an important part of everyday life for me. Without humor, I would find everyday dull and not interesting. However, laughing and jokes make my day easier and more fun. I become more relaxed and find it easier to talk to people if I make a joke or say something sarcastic. Taking my humor away from me would probably be very depressing and hard for me to get over.


Overall, most of my goals are long term. My long term goals involve graduating from Clemson, moving out of my parents house, getting married, maybe having children, and to maybe travel the world a little bit before I die. These goals all directly connect to my 5 core values, Honesty, Family, Loving, Humor, and Health. In order to do all of these long term goals, I need to be healthy and make it through day to day life without much health problems to burden me and my family to support me and for me to support them when it gets hard. Also, honesty is what I will need to make smart and good choices everyday so that I don't regret anything and humor will help me get through everyday life and make me laugh at anything I face that can be a challenge for me.

My short term goals are to get out of academic probation at the end of this year, to finish summer classes well, be successful at my job, and to keep in contact with people I care about. Honesty and family will be qualities that will help me through the year while I am achieving my goals and pushing through some challenging months. Humor and health will also make sure I am able to do what I need to get done and make sure nothing happens to me. Lastly, loving will be what I will want to do to support my friends and family that are trying to accomplish their goals and dreams this summer. I hope that these short term goals will help me reach my long term goals. I believe these qualities will help me accomplish all of my goals in my life


I strongly believe that my core values will help support me throughout my life. I do not believe that there are any core qualities that won't help someone who strives to do their best and get what they want in the world. My core value, honesty, is what I believe will get me through most of my hardships. If I am honest and truthful about myself and the people around me, they will hopefully do the same for me. I hope that my influence, no matter how little, can help someone strive to be a better person and vice versa.


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