World War II: Japanese Internment Should the government have placed Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast in internment camps?

After Japanese forces bombed Pearl Harbor, it gave way for fear to creep upon the citizens of America and looking for a scapegoat, blaming Japanese immigrants and American - born Japanese citizens. Given the fact that the Japanese bombed a part of the U.S., it was safe for the American citizens who lived around the surrounding area of the bombing to assume that Japanese immigrants that were in the area had a part of this bombing. A pro of this situation was that all of the Japanese-Americans living along the west coast were put into internment camps. Speaking on the incident and how he viewed the internment camps, the U.S. army's General stated, "That Japan is allied with Germany and Italy in this struggle is no ground for assuming that any Japanese, ... though born and raised in the United States, will not turn against this nation when the final test of loyalty comes." When the idea of the internment camp for the Japanese came about it was done to protect American Citizens because the authority of that time knew not what the future held. Opposing to an internment camp would question your loyalty as a loyal American Citizens. The camp was a temporary holding place for the Japanese and no harm would be done to them in the time that they were there. As we look back on history, it was obviously many cons with this situation BUT the biggest one, was letting fear of what the Japanese-American race could do to the U.S., take hold of people's minds to think that rounding up a bunch of human beings were okay. I believe that the use of the internment camps for the Japanese Americans was an unjust movement and should have not even been a question as to putting them into these camps. These camps had nothing to do with punishing people for their wrong doings but based upon their ethnicity. I understand both sides of the argument but I firmly believe that WITH or WITHOUT the internment camps, the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor would have done what they wanted either way. FDR once stated, "the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself". This quote speaks light into a dark fearful world. How far will one go to feel safe even when feeling safe is discriminatory.


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