native american project Bailey swanson

I am a native American from the Cheyenne tribe living in the eastern parts of Wyoming during the late 1890s struggling to survive with the rules and laws of the U.S. government, they think that they own all the land that is worth living on, and that they have the right to take it from us and move us from place to place after we have lived on these lands for years. We are willing to try becoming U.S. citizens if an option, but the government and white men think that we aren’t capable of learning their ways. I care about all of these conflicts because they greatly affect me and the rest of us.

The problem that me and the tribe and others have with the government and white men is that they come to our land and try to take it from us, while we were the first settlers on these lands. They move us from different lands and places like were cattle, but were not where people just like them who have the right to live wherever we please. Once we get settled in to our new land and we begin to get use to living there, we find gold, buffalo or something of value and they come and take it from us they kill us if we try to oppose. They kill the buffalo and take only the hide and they leave behind the rest of the buffalo like the bones and the rest of the remains which we use for tools and many other things. Another issue that we are dealing with is that we are willing to become citizens and learn their ways, but they think that we are not capable of learning their ways and become civilized.

We have tried to get along with the government but it’s no life being forced to move from place to place, with no say in where we go. They take our land from us usually because there is something of value there such as gold or buffalo, then they move us to another place and we get use to living there and we find something valuable and were moved again. We just want to stay in one place and be left alone from the government and their rules. There seems to be no use in resisting because there are far too many soldiers to do so.

The solution to the problem me and the rest of the tribe are dealing with is simple, the government needs to choose land and territory for us to live on and not move us anymore. Once we find gold or other valuables on our land they push us out. We deserve to have our own land to live off of and to use everything it offers to us. The government introduced the Dawes act which allowed the government to move us in the first place. It’s wrong that they have the right to take our land from us especially because they took it from us in the first place. One good thing about the Dawes act is that it allowed people to see what land belonged to the government and the land that belonged to us and other native Indians.


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