Diane Arbus Gabriel champ-w2 photo imaging

Jewish Giant-1970
Hand Grenade-1962

Diane Arbus had no second level learning in photography. She first learned when taking photo's for her dad's department store advertising. Then learned more later in life from her husband Allan Arbus.

Diane Arbus herself-1967

Diane Arbus never went to college, she married her high school sweetheart Allan Arbus straight out of high school. Her early career in photography consisted of taking photos for advertising and fashion models (Vogue). In the late 1950's she decided to work independently and helped to work with Lisette Model.


Later in her career her worked was deemed more daring and unique. Much of photos were taken at circuses and freak shows, really bringing out the scenes. Her most valued and looked at art was taken near the end of her career. The "Identical twin girls" being her most famous work. As her work turned darker so did she, later killing herself in 1971 leaving behind two kids.

She doesn't have many awards given to her throughout her career. Given the "Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts" award is the only award she's ever been given. But she is often deemed as the most influential photographer of the 20th century. And much of her work being published and put into exhibits after her death.

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