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This slide explains what Typography is and what it is used for. The next slide explains where typography is found and that it is found in most common pieces of advertising today but it is also in alot of creative pieces too.

There are typography terms such as the typeface which means whether it is in italics, bold or underlined. It's basically something that can add emphasis to your righting. Then there is the fonts, usually they are serif or sans-serif and those words relate to the corners of the letter and how curved or turned they are.

There is also Tracking, Leading and Kerning which means to adjust the space between the letters, adjusting the space between the lines and adjusting the distance between a set of letters, respectively.

Lastly there is the terms to describe a wider range of text and they are cap height, baseline, ascender, descender, serif, bar, counter and the x-height. They all describe the letter itself and not spaces or thing like that.

Legibility is also a large part in typography as it can make you decide on which font or colour to use. Illegible writing may ruin your message as you cant get it across because they can't read it.

Fonts can be very important to your message as it can change the message from being happy to depressing.

Alignment is where a letter sits and it has four modes justified, centered, flush left and flush right.

Hierachy is how you can emphasize a word or phrase using text type such as italics, boldface, colours, etc. It can show the reader what to look at first.

Many new typographers use modern tools such as the Adobe suite to make info graphic out of pictures. Typographers make these pictures usually around people such as Bob Marley or Ludde, they include words about the people describing them and their personality.

Kinetic typography is when a typographer uses words to evoke a message and the words move usually to a song. Sometimes musical artists use typography to spice up their lyric videos.

Anamorphic text is where they write in such a way that it makes you stand at a certain angle to view the text.

JW, N0thing and I

Design Brief - Return Brief

1. You have got to make a moving lyric video for one of your favorite song. This was inspired by Katy Perry and some other musicians as they have "blown away" their competition in music videos. Kinetic typography is the mixing of movement and text to convey a message usually to show the lyrics of a song. The target audience for this typography music video would be teens and and probably males.

AE Work space Annotated
AE Work space Annotated


1.Target Audience

My target audience is people who enjoy the song's genre which is usually teens and 20 year olds because it is too upbeat for young children and older people. The song is for that age group so I have catered too them by adding in pale colours and fancy writing which matches the song's feel.

2. Aesthetic Choices

I chose pale colours and thin, fancy writing too match the summer house feel of the song, I used fancy writing to match the fancy part of the song as it is called Chardonnay and revolves around it.

3. Skills Learnt

During the project I have enhanced my knowledge of key frames and i have added to my knowledge of animation. The project helped me learn how to use font and text to alter my project to evoke more motion and feeling.

4. Enjoyed

I enjoyed the freedom that this project allows you to use as you can change the main part of the project making it very customisable.

5. Changes

For my project I would try to improve small details such as clipping words and timing to make an overall better piece.

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