How America Got Started In 5 parts

Jamestown, Virginia was a town in 1607. Roanoke was the first town but, Jamestown was the second and the first town to be successful. There was also a company called the Virginia company so more people would come to Jamestown Virginia.

1620 was when Pilgrims came to the America. They were the second English settlers to come from England. The pilgrims are separatists from the church of England. The Pilgrims first went to Holland. Holland already had their own food, traditions, and religion. Then they got on a crowded boat and set sail on the Mayflower. Then they came to America. At Plymouth, Massachusetts.

In 1775 the war had begun and Lexington and Concord were the first battles. The British lined up in rows and lines but the Americans spread out and run up and attacked and it threw the British off. The redcoats started running away and U.S shot threw the woods and at houses. That was the start of the war and win for the Americans and the first win of the whole war.

Many of the American soldiers were just signed up till the winter or less and the British army we people who fought for their job in England. Our army was called a millita and the soldiers were called minute men( men who could fight at minutes notice).

In Seventeen Seventy-Six they met, to declare independence there boldest move yet! After the Americans won the revolutionary war there was a treaty of Paris in 1783 to stop the war. After, America was independent! They had to start their new nation. Then they had to start a government.

1789 begun, the presidency with Washington. Washington was our first president but, here are other people that worked in the government while he was president. Vice President was John Adams, Thomas Jefferson was the secretary of state, Alexander Hamilton was the treasury of state, The secretary of defense was Henry Knox, Edmund Randolph was the Attorney General, Lastly, John Jay was the first chief justice. In the government Hamilton and Jefferson had 2 different ideas. Hamilton wanted to be friends with England and Jefferson wanted to be friends with France. People choose what side they wanted. It was up to the President but he did not choose either and that was for the better. That was our first government.

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