Las Monedas Enterradas Passed down to: Jenny Zeledon

Las Monedas Enterradas is a legend that was passed down to me from my grandpa. Legend has it that in the land that my grandpa owns, there is a trail which you can follow where it leads to a empty spot on the forest floor. In this spot, golden coins are underground, but you cannot have them. Anyone that try's to obtain these golden coins were considered greedy. My relatives that have tried claim that a black smoke (a demon or spirit) came up and possessed them. Even my mom claims that once she was walking around close by the trail and she heard what sounded like millions of coins falling, she ran. My grandpa came to me with this story so that I would be careful in the future when going to the rancho. He told me to never be a greedy person and seek out these haunted coins and I vowed that I never would.


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