Tokyo - Day 2 Shinjuku, Kita ShinAgawa. Monday, December 12, 2016


We didn’t plan out a trip itinerary. We wanted to just wander around and maybe make up a list of things to do on the fly with a couple of “must-do” items. Day 2 was intentionally our least planned day -- the day we “planned" to do nothing other than just recover from the flight.

We all woke up around 7am and were out the door in the midst of the morning rush hour. This was wave after wave of people flowing down the sidewalks like water going down a river. You could quite literally get swept away.

We had breakfast and then walked around Shinjuku. Found out where the Robot Restaurant is. We hope to get there on this trip. Went in and out of stores and up and down alleys. Had Ramen for lunch. Played some video games.

The photos are mainly off my D750 with a 1.8 35mm. I’m also carrying around a Sony RX100m3, mostly for video. I’ve taken a few Ricoh Theta S 360 degree shots. Elaine is using her iPhone 7 Plus.


Thanks to Kirk’s friend Mike we decided to check out Maricar in Kita-Shinagawa. On our way there we accidentally got on an express train rather than a local train and got thoroughly lost. With help from Google Translate we were able to decipher the train map and figure out our way back. There are a lot of train lines and lots of train routes and they all run so efficiently! Luckily almost all the signs and train announcements are bi-lingual. Not sure how anyone who doesn’t speak either Japanese or English could get around, but there are tons of tourists and they all seemed to fare just fine.

Maricar is a go-kart tour around Tokyo. You pick a route, put on a costume and drive a Mario Kart alongside regular street traffic.

The kids were too young, but they were able to put on costumes and ride along in a Tuktuk.

We rode around Shinagawa, Odaiba and Roppongi, drove over Rainbow Bridge and stopped at Tokyo Tower. We hit speeds of 60km/h in a kart with no seatbelt, no helmets! It was REALLY fun.


Kyle was pretty tired after the Mario Kart session, which took a couple of hours. So, we let him pick dinner: McDonald’s at Shinagawa Station. Took the train back and picked up some waffles for dessert.

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