The 2 Incredible Wishes

I was told that I could make 2 wishes.

After I was done cleaning the monstrous pile of dishes.

I finished in a hurry:

Because I did not want to leave my mom in fury.

The first wish I wished upon was, to be a genius.

So I could travel all the way venus.

I would be like, a wiz at math .

And who ever tries to beat me, you will feel my wrath.

The final wish I wished upon, is to be a trillionaire.

So, I could be better than a billionaire.

I would have a poodle who would eat at the dinner table.

And I would have a maid name Mable.

Created By
william vanloan


Created with images by liakapelke - "Wish" • chefkeem - "dishes dishwasher dirty" • Georgie Pauwels - "Hurry" • PublicDomainPictures - "anger angry bad" • janeb13 - "albert einstein 1921 sad look" • tonynetone - "Venus" • Dylan231 - "Math" • jarrodtrainque - "Trillionaire" • Photo The Berto - "reckless" • jill111 - "dog poodle pet" • myeralan - "Maid"

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