T-shirt & Marketing research Joe. A Eaton

I have looked into different image press methods and different locations for printing off my tshirts.

The photo type was done digitally this meant that certain elements of the design where slightly affected.

Signature leisurewear ltd

The cost for this place was slightly steeper than others but the material is decent quality, also it has a fast turnover and is local which means it was good for a marketing prototype but may be better off looking elsewhere for the selling tees.

October Textiles Lmd

Another local Place, will be looking into for prototypes, has high ratings and the prints featured seem to show higher quality available.

Garment Printing

Garment printing seems to feature a wide range of tees, the quality of the print onto these is hard to see but is also local and good cost, will look into the turnover time.


Good costs and wide range, appears to be free delivery but is a 7-10 day turnover, could possibly look into for future use as additional discounts on large orders.

I now have social media under my clothing line. Instagram, Facebook and Gmail.




Also looked into most trending things to use when marketing to get multiple views:

'Okay! Here’s the list of the most popular Instagram hashtags, according to Webstagram (and here’s a new list, for 2017):


























Following this I have created my logo design for my company:

Frathouse Clothing

Following this I designed my first tee and used one of the mentioned shops to print this:

first tee design

Following this the print itself was well done and the cost/fit were both decent. One issue I had was finding the design resembled another clothing logo:

Stone island logo

This meant I had to change my design. Keeping to the compass look I did a few new designs to choose from:

Design idea's

Following this I decided on one and implemented my logo into it.

First tee design
First finished Tshirt


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