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Dear TFIx Family,

While our Entrepreneurs are changing the way to educate our children in a blended way, they have subsequently built their efforts through their health and nutrition initiatives to support their communities during the gruelling phases of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the second wave, we have also faced graver challenges, especially to rural education in India, in the remotest regions where we strive to reach. However, our grit, values, beliefs, and passion have helped us unpack the different facets of our leadership stories.

This year we graduated our 4th Cohort, the Cohort of 2020 and launched 8 new Fellowships (full time and pilot programmes) to scale our impact. We also executed our second virtual institute to welcome our 5th Cohort, the Cohort of 2021, another tenacious 12 to join our vibrant movement of leaders advocating ideas ranging from Education through soccer, agriculture, improved night-schooling, and computer education among others. Our TFIx community of Entrepreneurs has now grown to 45, impacting 62,344 children in 13 diverse states, all while keeping our values at the centre of our work. Our virtual spaces have multiplied and diversified our reach to more people than ever before.


We look at our actions and mindsets to progress. We give and receive honest feedback. We believe that learning from our mistakes makes us stronger.

Institute 2021

In the Institute, together we developed the foundations of the Fellowship Model our Entrepreneurs aim to design. We created spaces to evolve their understanding of Theory of Problem and Change, pushed them to evaluate their current practices, and gave thought-provoking inputs to push for exploring the unexplored.

Prapti, Co-Founder, Aafaaq Foundation is our Entrepreneur from the 2021 Cohort. She synthesizes her learnings from the Institute and shares how the TFIx team is fostering the growth of her organization.

TFIx Talks 4.0

Our 4th Cohort came together to share their inspiring journeys of exploring new avenues and formats of teaching and learning amid the pandemic.

COHORT 2020: 11 contexts, 11 stories of hope and courage to create the next generation of Ed-leaders in their regions. The path from Uttarakhand-Delhi-Maharashtra-Karnataka-Chennai-Odisha is the same yet so different and seems like a long road to equity.

Learning From The Shifts

In the last few months, one of our big accomplishments was designing and executing our second virtual Institute amid the second wave with our largest ever cohort.

Ankita Thakur, our Program Designer shares her experience of adapting to the new shifts while re-designing the spaces this year.


We learn, inspire, leverage each other, and collaborate effectively to move towards our vision - ONE DAY ALL CHILDREN WILL ATTAIN AN EXCELLENT EDUCATION.

TFIx Overlap Time

By virtue of the virtual world, our Entrepreneurs from 5 cohorts and different parts of the country came together to meet as a larger community. They shared about their contextual work and fostered team spirit by contriving possible collaborations. Like every year, this space rekindled a sense of life-long community for everyone and the new members.

Aastha Kanodia, Co-Founder, Asaadharan Foundation is our Entrepreneur from the 2021 Cohort. She shares how the Overlap Time gave her a sense of community and much higher team cohesiveness.

TFI/TFIx Alumni Panel

As our movement grows every year, a collaboration between Teach For India and TFIx Entrepreneur Partners is an anecdotal example of strengthening our movement and collective. It has helped us increase our lease of knowledge, expertise, and resources available to bring change in our respective and diverse contexts. Through the Alumni Panel at the Institute, our Entrepreneurs got a chance to learn from domain experts to strengthen their Fellowship models.

Jigyasa Labroo, Co-Founder, Slam Out Loud, also a TFI Alumnus who joined as a panellist shares her experience interacting with the new cohort and her belief in building off each other’s work.

Collaborative Circles

Collaborative circles are co-led and co-shared spaces amongst a small group of 3-4 Entrepreneurs mapped to 1 Program Partner. It’s a space to share, learn and give feedback. Over the Institute, our 2021 Entrepreneurs were part of 3 such spaces.

Radhika Gulati, our Program Partner shares the role her Collab-circle will play for her Entrepreneurs in the coming year, and why it’s significant.


We live by our commitments and ensure they are aligned with our words and actions. We are honest with others and ourselves.

Standing By Our Communities - #Covid Relief Efforts

Recognize, Rise and Empower Association- Wearing Courage On Sleeves!

This year the aftermath of the virus has been more disastrous than the previous year. However, our Entrepreneurs persevered in their efforts to assist their communities by wearing courage on their sleeves.

Mathanmi Hungyo, CEO, Recognize, Rise and Empower Association, is our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2019 Cohort 2019. He shares how integrity played out in his covid-relief efforts towards his community in Imphal.

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti - Supporting Communities Of Transgenders

Summaiya Afreen, Co-Founder, Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti, is our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2020 Cohort. She drove covid-relief campaigns to provide ration to communities of transgenders, folk artists in Delhi. She also collaborated with 30 volunteers across India who worked day and night to support people with verified resources and leads and arranged Oxygen cylinders and ICU beds for those who needed them.

Re-building Connections With Learning

We asked Neeladri, Founder, Northeast centre for Equity Action on Integrated Development and our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2019 Cohort how integrity as a value plays out in achieving the vision of his organization as we transition to the virtual world.

We also asked Ishita Dutta, our Program Partner how everyone displayed integrity during the virtual Institute as a health war waged outside.


We set bold, ambitious goals and expectations to meet our vision. We approach our work and new ideas with openness and optimism.

Our Entrepreneurs' Alumni Vision

The Ed-problems that our Entrepreneurs are trying to solve are diverse but their ambition and resolve to bring a change illustrate the social trust our community attracts. As our 2021 Entrepreneurs embark on their journey, they share the possibilities of success and impact in their regions in the longer run.

What If?

During the institute, we also created a space for our 5th cohort to interact with the Students- our key stakeholders. Through this space, we tried to understand their needs from educators and the system. They say the first step to doing is dreaming, so our students shared their #Whatifs from the system.

Aavishkaar - #CoronaMeinRukoNA

In the meantime, some of our Entrepreneur Partners have illustrated greater agility and efficiency in the educational ecosystem. They responded swiftly to the educational deficit in light of the pandemic and harnessed the synergies between different stakeholders to empower them through education.

Sandhya Gupta, Co-Founder, Aavishkaar and our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2017 Cohort shares how her team came together to brainstorm ways to engage communities and students to forestall learning loss during the lockdown.

Vardhishnu, Social Research & Development Society - Reaching New Heights

Adwait Dandwate, Founder, Vardhishnu- Social Research & Development Society is our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2018 Cohort. He has succeeded in enrolling and sustaining 300+ children belonging to the communities of waste-pickers in schools. Adwait also envisions scaling his impact by supporting other initiatives. For the same, he started a year-long unique support program and is incubating 6 initiatives (5 from Maharashtra & 1 from Madhya Pradesh) to share his learnings with these early-stage organizations working with children from economically disadvantaged communities to create a sustainable movement.

Adwait started a Sunday Library to support children of his community access to books easily. Since November 2020, they are also running a weekly worksheet distribution campaign to ensure continuous learning for their children.

Baseline Visits 2021

Ishita Dutta, our Program Partner shares the experience of virtual visits to her Entreprenuers' sites and how she witnessed a powerful belief anchoring all the work they do on-ground.

Our 10 year North Star...

Today, we have built a vibrant movement of 1188 leaders. Leveraging our past learnings and keeping our Vision at the centre, we have an ambitious goal of enabling 100 Educational Entrepreneurs to launch and sustain high impact contextualized Fellowships, building a movement of 15000 leaders over the next 10 years.

Rajshree Doshi, our TFIx Lead talks about why TFIx, and how in 10 years we will transform the lives of 1 in 10 low-income children in every region of the country through an education that unleashes the potential of self, others, and India.


We don’t compare ourselves to the alternative, but set an urgent and ambitious bar that we keep pushing higher.

Students - Are They Beneficiaries Or Co-creators?

Riya dreams of a world where the student's voice is encouraged and heard, where students are developed into leaders our world needs today. Our Student from the Himalayan Fellowship for Transformation founded by Kamlesh Atwal (Entrepreneur Partner, 2020 Cohort) shares her idea of Excellent Education and how it will enable her once she transitions out of the system.

Our Evolved Idea Of Excellence

Every year at the Institute, Alpana Mallick, Director of Training and Impact at Teach For India facilitates a session for our Entrepreneurs to help them re-define their Student and Alumni Vision keeping in mind their children and drive improved systems and outcomes. She expresses how her understanding of Excellence has evolved after being a part of the TFIx space.

Neha Rathi is our Program Partner for TFIx. She reflects on how her role as a Program Partner developed her understanding of Excellence with her vast range of experiences across 3 diverse cohorts.


We care deeply about what we do and treat others with empathy, respect, compassion and gratitude. We keep children at the centre of everything we do and do whatever it takes for them.

Culture Team

This year again, some of our staff and Entrepreneurs formed a Culture Team to build spaces and capacities for voice, inclusion, and to drive enthusiastic outputs during sessions.

Rinsa, Co-Founder, Gyanada Foundation, and Chandan, Co-Founder, Pratigya are our Entrepreneurs from the 2021 Cohort. They share their experiences of being a part of the Culture Team and the steps they took to protect everyone's well-being and ensure that everyone felt loved in the spaces.

Firki Of Well-Wishes

Every year, as our new Entrepreneurs embark on their journeys to launch their Fellowship model, we conduct a special movement of handing over Firki of well-wishes from the outgoing cohort to the incoming cohort. At TFIx, Firki represents a movement of diverse people with diverse challenges and innovative solutions.

Samyak Jain, our Entrepreneur Partner from the 2020 Cohort shares his experience of the Incubation Year as he passes his Firki to our new Cohort.

Farewell Cohort 2020

With a lot of love and hope, we bid farewell to our outgoing Cohort of 2020-21. Each of these Entrepreneurs has been working relentlessly to bring their Fellowship program to life. We are proud to induct them into the Alumni movement and build a bigger and stronger community of Entrepreneurs. Here is a video with memorable glimpses of our time together!


TFIx Is Completing 5 Years

We are redesigning our stages by co-diagnosing needs and co-creating our network to build a stronger program for our Entrepreneurs and to strengthen our impact on the children we're able to reach. The Program now is divided into 3 stages - Stage 1 signifies Investment and Alignment to the TFIx Unified Principles, Stage 2 is about Launch and Sustenance and Stage 3 is about Growth and Scale.

We now want to support our Entrepreneurs post-incubation as well so that they not only feel equipped to launch but are also able to sustain their Teaching Fellowships. For the same, we are working towards operating in deep partnership with our Entrepreneurs Partners with a shared set of core values and an eye toward enabling a multi-cultural network where everyone is included and able to thrive.

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The application window for the 2022-23 Incubation year will be opening very soon. If you know an Entrepreneur who will benefit from our support, please help us connect!

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