Methods Of Payment By Ruby and Mia

Types of Payment


Eftpos Card

Credit Card


Gift Cards


New methods of payment:

Apple Pay

- Apple pay is easy to use.

- It allows you to pay for items with your device either an apple phone, apple watch or Mac.

- You simply tap your device at the shops or on an app or website. This way of payment is beneficial and useful as it allows you to buy things without sharing your card details, it’ is a safer and more private way to pay.

- When using apple pay in the shops it only takes a couple of seconds.

- The process includes just simply hold your iPhone near the reader and place your finger on the Touch ID and then your purchase will be made.

- You are also able to pay with apple pay on apps.

- When checking out you place your finger on the touch ID and you then proceed to make your purchase.

- Apple pay can be a safer and easier way to buy products.

Google Wallet

- Google wallet is a fast, free way to send and request money.

- You are able to send money to someone by just using their email address or phone number using the wallet app and the person who you want to send the money does not need to have the app.

- When you receive money, you can have it transferred directly to your default payment method so you never have to cash out.

- The only requirement you need is a Google account and a debit card.

- There are no fees connected to google wallet.


- Uber is a way of transport where you use the Uber app to request a ride from a driver.

- This is where you are able to choose the options including the time to wait, the size and price.

- The payment is done online so through credit/debit card.

- You then enter your pickup location and choose your driver.

- Your driver then arrives at your chosen location, the driver then takes you to your chosen destination.

Opal Cards

- Opal cards are smart card tickets that you keep, reload and reuse to pay for travel on public transport.

- You simply add money to your opal cars then tap on and off which pays for your trip.

- The opal card can be used on any form of public transport including train, bus and ferry and light rail.

- This form of travel is easier and time efficient.

Difference between npp and current payment platforms

Current Payment Platform NPP

- Traditional payment platforms are registered or identified by BSB’s and account numbers - Accounts can be easily recognised by companies via email, mobiles, abn’s

- They do not request or send money to other users when important or urgent - NPP are able to send messages towards other users by itself to either confirm or send money

- Payments are longer - Quicker payments


- Accounts can be easily recognised by companies via email, mobiles, abn’s

- NPP are able to send messages towards other users by itself to either confirm or send money

- Quicker payments

What is a payment gate way? ~ YouTube Video

Copy and paste the following link to google to view the YouTube video:

How is Npp going to impact consumers?

- The NPP positively impacts consumers because it is a simple, seamless process for payments.

- The NPP proposes a “card less solution”, so rather carrying cards around – the NPP controls payments electronically just by a few steps.

- This payment procedure is incredibly useful and efficient because of the electronic usage rise in our generation, since most consumers are busy at work, home, or don’t have proper access to the bank – you are easily able to use your phone to process all payments through without a worry.

- The NPP aims for quicker payments, so they are more electronically connected, digital faster and smarter and it’s secure.

What modern method of payment will be used in the future:


Link to Review on Apple Pay (evidence) =

Apple pay is the way of the future it has only 15 months old and already has five countries supporting countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and just recently China. They began with a modest proposal which was to simplify and secure credit card payments by removing the need for a physical card. Then in 2014 it became apparent that Apple made the right decision in partnering with the banks (MasterCard and Visa) and the fact that apple as a phone brand is very popular and is more common these days. So therefore we believe Apple Pay is the way of the future and that it is the way the world is going.

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