Visit to FLMNH Museum By William Robbinson

Nature on Display

I particularly enjoyed the exhibit of the various shark jaws and shark teeth. The size of the biggest jaws shows the strength and power of the massive sharks. I did not realize sharks that large even existed. Standing in front of the pairs of jaws, I found the lighting and the tank in which the jaws were displayed to be appealing. The jaws were also displayed side by side as to easily compare the sizes and rows of teeth.

Nature and Ethics

I found ethics in nature in the way each butterfly was carefully preserved and boxed to be displayed. I could clearly see the necessity of care, attention to detail, and respect that was put into each display of butterflies. The butterflies are so frail and dainty, and are vulnerable creatures. It is evident that the lepidopterist admires these creatures, just as Leopold calls us to do.

Nature and the Human Spirit

As Heschel advises us to step out of the ordinary, I feel as though the butterfly garden gave me a rare opportunity to connect with nature and truly "step outside". The butterflies fly around the people and delicately land. I felt as though something so small and so delicate should be protected. The museum gives visitors an up-close experience with these creatures, and has made this garden an popular Florida attraction. God created each of these butterflies uniquely and different from one another. The garden made me realize how special the natural world really is.

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