📲Auspicious Mobile Numbers analysis worksHop📲 👍🏻 Chinese NUMEROLOGY based on our Nric & mobile number 👍🏻 English numerology based on our date of birth 👍🏻 Bazi 👍🏻 Fengshui san yuan 👍🏻 fengshui san hE ***by marrco lee, founder & master Trainer of winnersresources Numerology Bazi fengshui singapore***

2Hrs Workshop Fee: $13**/ pax for an EMPOWERING Workshop!!! Come and find out more about the meanings behind your mobile number (your loved ones or your clients to know them well!) in our workshop by securing your seat with Payment Done TODAY! An Insightful and ‘WOW’ informative workshop that you definitely do not want to miss!!! So SIGN-UP now! <See registration procedures at the bottom end of this page>

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If you are carrying a set of Auspicious mobile numbers, you are likely to be doing well in your career, relationships and is in good health.

If your mobile numbers are Inauspicious, you are likely to experience setbacks in your career and relationships.

Do you know that your Mobile Number can bring either Good or Bad Lucky to you? Is your Mobile Number lucky for you?

In this 2hrs workshop, we will Reveal to you on the type of numbers to avoid as well as the numbers that would improve your overall luck in life. All for the price of just $13**/ pax to pick up a new skillset! (to know about yourself, your loved ones or your clients!)

Live’ demo will be done to few lucky participants to credentualise this skillset and also to show which are the Auspicious numbers to keep and which are the Inauspicious numbers that you should all avoid.

Our recent Auspicious Mobile Numbers Analysis Workshops generated Super Good responses from the general public. More than 3hrs long over-run and packed with more than $$$$ worth of Auspicious knowledge learned! Surely worth every bit for our participants’ time and money well-spent! We are very glad to receive your generous good feedbacks about our valuable contents delivered and eye-opener ‘Live’ demo to participants’ mobile numbers to credentualise this skillset! Thank you for your support and referrals! ❤️
Feedback from our recent workshop participant!
Feedback from our recent workshop participant!
A kind workshop participant who has her mobile numbers changed recenty by Marrco has given us a feedback that her business improved a lot!!!
Another kind workshop participant who has his mobile numbers changed recenty by Marrco has given us a feedback that he has made a windfall from a 4D investment!!! Such is the power of Auspicious mobile numbers enhancing our personal lucky vibes from day one!!!
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Date/ Time/ Venue: TBC

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