Snackaholics fast delivery. affordable snacks. $1 delivery fee.

Snackaholics is changing the way you can enjoy your favorite Snacks and Drinks at any time of the day.

Snackaholics first started in Morgantown, WV at West Virginia University in 2016. One year later we have partnered with West Virginia University and delivered to thousands of happy Snackaholics fans and we look forward to meeting more!

With the success at our first location at WVU, we have now expanded to our Second Location in Orlando, Florida at The University of Central Florida.

Check out this Awesome video below explaining how Snackaholics works.

Snackaholics can be used when it is 100 degrees outside. Snackaholics can also be used when there are 2 feet of snow on the ground. Some of the most popular ways are listed below.

  • Studying in the Library
  • Binge watching your favorite Netflix Series
  • Healthy Snacks or Drinks after the gym
  • Relaxing in your house
  • Healthy Snacks or Drinks after the gym

At Snackaholics we have 7 ways to earn FREE snacks. Below are some of our most popular ways to earn FREE snacks with Snackaholics.

  • #SnackaholicMonday where every order receives one FREE snack.
  • Every fifth order receives on FREE snack.
  • Orders over $15 receive one FREE snack, orders over $25 receive one Jumbo FREE snack.

Snackaholics Rewards

Shop now at Snackaholics.us to experience Snack Delivery like never before!

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