Self Benefits:

Marriage improves your health!

You will live longer!

It has been proven that marriage will help you live longer. Being married can be classified as being equivalent to giving up smoking. It gives men an extra 7 years and women an extra 3 years.

It will help your mental health!

Marriage allows your mental health to consistently improve after marriage; on the other hand, divorce causes your mental health to deteriorate. Marriage also decreases stress; this is directly connected with cardiovascular diseases. Marriage also decreases these diseases.

You will benefit financially!

Married people make significantly more than single people do. Because they are providing for a family, they will earn more. Also, men will receive larger marriage premium.

You will be happier!

Married couples are less likely to say that they are unhappy with their lives than single people are. Only 18% of married couples say that they are "very happy;" while 40% of married couples say that they are "very happy"

It's safer!

You are less likely to experience domestic violence within a marriage than you are in cohabitation. Cohabitators engage in more violence than married couples do.

It will benefit those around you!

Your kids will live healthier lives!

It is proven that kids will live a healthier, more stable lives if their parents get and stay married. Also, the kids will live a longer life. The bond between the child and the parent is stronger within a married family. However, there is less trust between the child and parent in divorced families.


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