US Invasion of Grenada Operation Urgent Fury

Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard, with the help of the military, overthrew and killed Prime Minister Bishop

The United States was worried because the unrest trapped 800 american medical students and the construction of a airstrip was thought to be used for supplying arms to Central American communist insurgents.

1st Day

The 75th Rangers capture Point Salines International Airport IOT allow the 82nd to reinforce

8th Marine Regiment takes Pearls Airport

Delta Force and Rangers Capture Fort Rupert

SEAL's rescue Governor General Paul Scoon and capture Radio Free Grenada to conduct PSYOP's

2nd day

325IN Regiment attacks a Cuban compound

Rangers and Marines rescue more students from a different campus

3rd Day

Marines and Army soldiers move along the coast capturing towns

Rangers assault a Grenada barracks site

4+ days

22nd Marine Amphibious Unit captures the island of Carriacou

U.S. military forces spread throughout the island arresting officials, seizing weapon cache sites, and returning Cuban nationals


Casualties US-19, Grenada- 49 dead several hundred wounded, Cuban- 29 dead over 100 wounded

Goldwater-Nichols act- Increased power of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. Eventually led to the formation of the US Special Forces Operations Command.


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