The Mormons The people who were kick out of their town and wEre fOrced to TRAVEL far awAy from their lands in 1830's- 1840's

The Book of Mormons Published by Joseph Smith

I think that the Mormons benefited from the move overall because even though they struggled to get there they were finally at peace and away from the people who didn't like them for the religion they believed.

Mormon Women

One of the men apart of the Mormons Group was Brigham Young, he was one of the starters of the LDS church which was started in New York.he wa salsa an architect of the Mormon Colony in Utah, Brigham. He was born into a poor Vermont farming family. He was the ninth of eleven children.

Brigham Young

Another man that was an important part of the Mormon group was Joseph Smith, he was the man who published the Book of Mormons and met Brigham during the final stages of preparing the book. He was also the son of a New England farmer who saw many revelations.

Joseph Smith

The Mormons moved to the west to have a better life because they believed in a different religion that people in their region didn't believe in.

They began their journey in New York because that's where Smith created the group but then he was killed and his followers decided to leave before they were all targeted. They had to leave everything behind expect for their wagons and families. They had to deal with sickness, weather, floods, no food, and no water.

New York in the 1830's
The pride of the Mormons, the temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Once they got to Utah they established an irrigation system. The new settlers built log cabins or lived in dugouts or even wagons for a while.

Replica of a dugout in Utah made by the Mormons
The wagons that the Mormons traveled with, they were also the only things the Mormons brought with them.
Mormon Pioneers

Once the Mormons arrived in Utah, they were finally at peace and were able to live in their own community and were able to spread their religion across to others and they weren't that'd for being different anymore.

Utah Magnet

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