House of the red fish Graham salisbury

The location is mostly set in by the Alawai river/ Roosevelt High school. I imagine the Alawai looking dirty with a little bit of rust. At Roosevelt high I imagine it how it looks now.
The specific Locations so far are at The front of Tomis house where they eat dinner. Another specific location is lounging near the Alawai River plotting ways to save the boat. At the Alawai there is about 150 yards of space. And finally under the huge tree at Roosevelt Highschool.
The novel, takes place in 1943. I'm assuming the season is somewhere in the spring. At this time the war is still on so they still have to be careful for danger after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This makes me feel a little worried yet curios to see how Tomi takes on everything in his life.
This book takes place in Hawaii. Hawaii is near the equator and the ocean giving it a tropical climate. I live In Hawaii and I know that Hawaii is hot and humid. This makes me feel good knowing the story is in Hawaii because there is a connection.
The population was kind of crowded back then. In the story the kinds of people that live there are Caucasian and Japanese. Also Hawaiians too. This makes me feel like the people at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. At that time there were mainly Japanese and Whites. So I can totally see how the characters ethnicities are true.
They described the Taiyo Mari which is Tomi's father's fishing boat. It had big deck and a motor on the back. That boat was really good back then but I don't know about now. Also they had this family Katana that Tomi had to bury. Tomi says that the katana is the most important item to him. If he needed to he will use it to fight.
The mood is hopeful because Tomi has hope to see his father and grandpa once again. It is also tragic because all the accidents Tomi had to go through like the death of Sanji. It is also sober because of the war and all the bombs that no one was expecting.
The setting affects the story because it shows different terms Hawaii people use in Hawaii. This contributes to what's happening in the book because it shows all the types of actions people like to do in Hawaii. That means it is different from a lot of other stories you may come across because most are not on an Island.


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