Ava '20

"When you get here, you feel like you are part of a community."

The Academy is dedicated to creating an environment in which all students will thrive and learn from one another. When students feel like they are a part of a community, they succeed because they feel like their hard work not only betters themselves, but the entire school.

One way we create a strong community is through beloved traditions. With an age range of seven years between our oldest and newest students, the tradition of convocation creates a meaningful and lasting connection. On the first day of school each year, seniors escort incoming sixth grade students up the path to meet the entire school.

Ava, who has experienced both sides of convocation, believes these traditions create a strong community that leads to unique relationships with her peers.

"It's cool to have tradition. There's a bunch of tradition with convocation," reflects Ava. "Senior activities, Senior Week, pumpkin carving with your class... they all are amazing experiences that lead to friendship."