MAYO CURSE, MAYO BLESSING (2018) experimental short film

[ SYNOPSIS ] This categorical experimental film, Mayo Curse Mayo Blessing (2018) parallels five of the Seven Deadly Sins in a world revolving around condiments, where the ethics of human desires are brought into question. Mayo, relish, or mustard take on a new, enhanced form as the isolated vehicle to bring pleasure and satisfaction into the life of the faceless characters in this film. Through the strict attention to action without result, the film aims to leave the audience questioning for themselves whether or not desires are inherently bad or a matter of use vs. abuse.




[THE EXPERIENCE] Seducing the viewer into a world of gooey textures, this film begs for a physical sensory experience for the audience as they digest the film for the first time. Our intentions with this film have never been to establish a justification for our everyday life, but rather the opposite, to place the viewer in a mind space they would not normally choose to go in order to punctuate the disgusting and whimsical nature of human existence. We believe that an installation paired with the showing of this film is the only way to nudge our audience in the direction of truly questioning, not only the film but their surroundings, and of course themselves.

Overhead of the gallery space (Hume Gallery in Humbolt)
Sketch of the installation
Event flyer / invitation


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