Forest of Dreams


My short film is going to be about a young girl dancing in the forest while listening to music. There will also be footage of her doing the same dance on stage and i will switch in between clips. My purpose of this film is to show that if someone has a dream or passion, they will always think about it and try to reach their goal no matter where they are. The main character of my film dances in the forest because the environment calms her down and she can feel light and free as if shes a bird. While dancing on the stage she is reminded of how calm and invincible she was in the forest and she is able to dance delicately and with confidence.

This is an example of what I am trying to portray. However the dancer will be wearing her regular day clothes in the forest.
When she is on the stage the spotlight will be on her and nothing else is visible.


One of the locations i will be using is our school's auditorium

The background is going to be black and the spotlight will be on her

The second location i will be using is Newton Brook park

Colour Palette

The shots from the forest will be warm and bright.
the shots from the stage will be dark and light colours


The short film will contain various shots from different angles. Close ups of the dancer's toes, long shots of the dancer twirling, medium shots of her face to show her facial expressions are some examples of the shots I will be trying to accomplish.

Since it is hard to keep the audience interested in one minute, I will try to film many shot to keep my film visually absorbing and fascinating.

I will try to accomplish my outdoor shots using natural lighting and use lighting equipment to create the correct amount of light for the indoor shots


My film only has one character involved in it. I chose Laiko Foroughi as my actress. She was the best option because of her dance skills and her experience in front of the camera.

Shot list:


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