-As I am focusing on the art for my project most of my reflective journal will be focused on any issues, feats, discoveries etc. in the art side of the game, this will not completely rule out any talk of code/sound as I will talk about how my graphics work impacted that work.

This week I have been focusing mostly on physical sketch book work such as silhouettes and enemy design, I designed a boss for our game which over the weekend I will be working on (as long as nothing else needs doing at the time) I silhouetted out a few basic ideas and showed them to the group and after a bit more sketching and idea generation we decided on a type of boss we wanted.

The initial silhouettes

after these silhouettes I began to finalise the idea and eventually got a finished sketch

Further developed
Final sketch

This is the finished sketch, the drawings on the right were the plan for the left hand of the boss, as you can see he floats, to symbolise he is an elemental or some form of magic creature; for the floating arms and head etc, I took inspiration from rayman and the idea is that this boss will be a scattered bundle of rocks on the ground until he is activated when he will form into his actual form. I also did some silhouettes for another boss but that one is so far undeveloped.

over the last couple of weeks me and Anthony have been playing with the idea of randomly generated NPCs to save time and create more variation

In rendered NPC

These are the new NPCs... Or at least some of them, we create the shape on separate layers colour coding them with tones and shadow and then with Anthony's coding and the colour palette he chooses (this will be switches the the correct colours of the game when the game palette is finished) it will generate an randomly coloured NPC. This makes creating NPCs much easier and quicker, however sometimes it can get a little confusing and we are still working out small issues but over the coming weeks I feel that this mechanic will be perfected and we will have a decent working generation system for NPCs.

I also began to think of more factions and characters and I drew a kings guard:

Kings guard concept

This drawing took around an hour and 30 minutes and I used my iPad and Apple Pencil on Procreate which is my go to drawing program with my iPad. I have started to use comic line shading (not sure if there is a name for it other than crosshatching maybe) but I only used 3 colours other than black on the night and I wanted the red cape to signify a higher rank to other knights at the time of drawing this I was watching a dark souls game mechanics video on YouTube which I think heavily inspired this drawing.

I also design the inventory UI for the game this week

The inventory UI

I used photoshop to do this and all of the icons and buttons are on different layers so that it was easy for Anthony to separate and add functionality to.

I also began to add one of us into the game, this week I began on Mitchell, I only have him facing forward breathing but as a bit of an inside joke I made it so that when he breathes it looks as if his stomach pops out which we all thought was funny, and added a bit more character so I may implement things like this to other NPC's animations.

Mitchell's NPC

This week I have been doing more research on youtube and pinterest which I'm not going to link as I feel like this is getting crowded but I have been taking inspiration from games that we didn't originally take inspiration from such as dark souls, for example with the king's guard drawing, and the design of the boss; I want the boss to be pieces of rock on the ground until activated, then he will rise up into his almost human like form to face the player in a fight.

We also peer assessed each others work and, I thought everybody's work is coming along great and everyone has cool unique ideas. People thought our game was coming along well and they liked the direction it was going in.

This week I have been behind on these journals because I frequently forget about them and now this one will be late, which is a bit stressful but it's ok I can catch up. Next week I hope to get back to my habits of noting down everything that I was doing throughout the week to help me write these, which I haven't been doing. Other than that I am happy with the work I have done this week, I need to focus now on animations and getting as much done as possible, I feel like I have enough inspiration and research to add a nice chunk to the game starting with a Boss (based of the designs above hopefully) which I will begin after writing this. That is all for this week and now I'm going to note down what I need done for next week and begin doing some of that.

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