Rain Forest Destruction By: Maya Mondock and Schyler Gondolfo


A dense biome with a plethora of biodiversity, found in tropical climates with heavy rainfall.


Deforestation is caused by humans or other species that need resources like trees and other plants in order to survive. The Downside of deforestation is the fact that the rain forests and other dense forests on earth are steeply declining, and it is difficult to reverse the damage that we have done. Another downside is that the habitats of rain forest and forest animals are disappearing as fast as the trees are.

Another cause for deforestation is natural disaster. Tornadoes and fast winds can wipe out miles of rain forests in just hours. The highest winds recorded in a tornado were 318 miles per hour. 318 mile per hour winds are strong enough to tear trees and house foundations out of the ground, and is strong enough to destroy forests.

One more example of deforestation is drought. This is a natural cause that decays plant life and trees. If trees and plants don't receive enough water from the environment, then they die. 

The only upside to deforestation is that humans and other species that are cutting down trees and plants are benefiting from these resources.

Environmental impact

One example of how deforestation impacts the environment is animal life. If an animal depends on a tree or plant to survive, and it is being destroyed, then they will die. Especially if the plant or tree is a part of their niche.

Another thing that deforestation impacts is predators and prey. If a species is wiped out because of deforestation, then the predator and prey of that species will become unbalanced.

Overall health of environment- researchers say that most of the rain forests will be cut in half in the next twenty years, and while pollution rates are going up, that means our atmosphere is in big trouble.


Over the years, new laws have been created after illegal loggers cut down too many trees (enough to greatly damage the environment). The most important law is; For every tree you cut down, you have to plant two in its place. We also have not been relying on wood from trees as heavily now because we are looking at other man made materials such as plastic and fiber-glass.


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