I woke up and looked at my clock, it was 5am. I had to hustle or I was going to miss my bloody chance to get on this floating city known as the Titanic. "Fido!! get up, we have to get moving!" Fido greeted me with a wag of his tail and a look like he was ready for action. My name is Graham Henderson, I take people hunting and fishing and they pay me for my expertise. My lifelong dream is to sail to America and explore and hunt with my dog.

Recently I met with Oswald McGinnis and two of his mates at a gun range in Manchester. Oswald and I became quick friends and shared many interests. Oswald was the son of a prominent barrister and didn't lack for money. I on the other hand had my guns, my clothes ,my dog and not much else. Oswald and I struck up a conversation about hunting in America. Oswald had a dream to hunt deer in Montana. I had read many magazines and books about hunting in Montana and considered myself an expert. Oswald said, " Old chap, if you can accompany my mates and I , we will not only pay for your services, but we will travel on the great Titanic". "It would be my pleasure" I replied, " but I have a bloody mess of a problem". "What's that old boy" he said. "I can't leave my dog Fido". "Not a problem my new friend, Fido will have a pass!"

When I got home, Fido greeted me with the usual tail wag and request for food. " Old boy, we are in for an adventure of a lifetime!" . Fido could tell something was different, he did a few quick circles and let out a heck of a howl! I fed Fido, and we retired early with only two days to prepare and plan for our adventure. Holiday in America.

The morning of departure finally arrived and Fido was quite lively. I threw on my favorite hunting bonnet, loaded my gear into the hired trolley for departure. We were running late as usual. But I thought for sure the great Titanic would wait on us. We arrived after a drive that felt like a fortnight. It was a bloody mess. Passengers and their families were everywhere. It took over 100 bobbies to contain the crowd and the onlooking news reporters. We arrived at the boarding ramp, we had made it! As I walked up the boarding ramp with Fido closely in tow, I spotted Oswald. "Where the bloody heck have you been old boy" he yelled over someone tickling the Ivories , I hollered back " Old Fido here fancied a spot of tea, and we were out, had to stop at the bloody market". As we reached the top of the boarding ramp, a gaffer approached and said " I will take the dog from here my good sir" "WHAT?!" I said in shock. I was miffed. I said " can't he stay with me?" . Laughing , the gaffer said "not a chance, this dog is no nob, no need to throw a paddy, he will be just fine on deck 2" . I flipped him a quid and sulked off, Fido looked back, we were both sad. I arrived at my flat for the trip, I settled in and the ship steamed towards America.

For the third time in the first hours on the big ship, I took the lift to the second deck to check on my Fido "bollocks fido, come give me a hug!!" howwwwwwwl" said Fido, which I know to mean "I'm bloody hungry!" I have spent many a fortnight training this dog. He has a special place in my heart. I left him and went to the observation deck. It was 11:30 pm, I was having a pint or two when I looked up and there was Fido! Apparently he had escaped from his kennel and followed my scent until he found me! "Fido, what on earth are you doing here?!" We heard a big scrape and I got my dog and ran. The unsinkable ship was sinking!! I ran to get into a lifeboat. Realizing there weren't enough lifeboats for everyone, I started helping the women and children get on safely. I had lost track of Fido.

The ship is sinking and people are everywhere, in and out of the water. I have made it into a lifeboat. We pulled up next to two other lifeboats. There is a lady with what looks like a dog in a blanket on her lap. I hollered out "Fido!" he instantly shed the blanket and jumped what looked like a hundred feet into my boat. I hugged the breath out of Fido. "your dog saved my life" the lady from the other boat yelled. " and you his " i replied. "what is your name?" I yelled. "Molly Brown" she hollered as the boats separated. "We will meet again! thank you!" i said.

Fido broke free of my grasp and stood on the front of the boat. His barks directed the boat to people in the water. The first girl we saved was a young lady named Rose Bukater, she was floating on a door and Fido guides us directly to her. Fido continues, saving two yanks and a Brit. Fido began to go barmy and directs us toward what looked like a very cold bloke. It is my mate Oswald! Pulling Oswald into the lifeboat, he says, " Can I have that dog?" "not a chance mate, not a chance, I love my Fido!"

Bloody - very, mates- friends, barrister - lawyer, chap - buddy, bonnet - hat, trolley - transportation vehicle, bollocks - excited, holiday - vacation, fortnight - 2 weeks, bobbies - police,barmy - crazy, gaffer - someone in charge, quid - money, fancied - wanted, flat - place to stay, Yank - american, pint - beerargy-bargyinformal) a noisy disagreement[2] ranging from a verbal dispute to pushing-and-shoving or outright fighting.barmy crazy, unbalanced


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