Chapter 12 LESSON 1

The tensions that emerged after World War 2 led to a conflict that dominated U.S. foreign policy for decades.

As the war in Europe wound down, Allied leaders met in Yalta to discuss challenging questions about the postwar world.The Soviets would break many of the agreements reached at Yalta.

The plight of war refugees, such as this homeless German girl, was a major challenge facing the conquerors.

Stalin's blockade cut off West Berlin.To reach the city, all planes in the airlift traveled along one of three corridors.

The Berlin blockade prevented all land shipments to West Berlin.It cut off all the businesses in the city.There was no way for the people to buy or sell needed goods.

Mao Zedong led Communist forces and successfully created the People's Republic of China.

Had a cartoon compares he to a vandal, in 1954.

After the war, Germany was divided into four zones.

The cold war increased Americans' fears of Communist subversion, or secret attempts to overthrow the government from within.

In 1984 Whittaker Chambers, a magazine editor, claimed that he had been a Soviety Spy.

Cold War
Big Three

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