Child Labor children working

It is not right for a child to work when they should be in school learning. Children laboring and working been around for a long time and it is not right, many kids get heart or worse doing labor.

This shows what kids had to do instead of going to school and most of the things they did where dangerous in a way.

Having children work is slavery and as you have seen on the picture they did not look happy, they did not have clean close, and they were dearty. Ask your self would you wont to be them?

Facts about child labor:"The children can be as young as 5 years old, or as old as 15 years old. Child labour has been present in businesses and corporations since the late 1800s and early 1900s."(Love Not Labor Org)

Even now kids are doing manual labor insted of going to school. For example kids have to work to get food for there failys and the work to servive.

All kind of kids in different places are working and getting forst to do it, and may not even getting payed for there hard work.

Kids are working and getting heart and not learning because they have to work.

kids are having hard times doing there work, and they cant stop because they will get punished for it.

Child labor in mills were dangerous jobs because if you were some one who fixed the machine your hand could get caught it would not be good for you because you can be badly injered.

"Child Labor is a Big Crime in this World. Just Images there are Millions of Innocent Children Forced to Do Labor in the shake of Few Money. To raise awareness and to prevent child labor, “World Day Against Child Labour” is celebrated on 12 June every year. It is an International Labour Organization sanctioned holiday.Jun 8, 2016"(


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