Sunshine & Smiles Kindergarten, chesapeake academy, Irvington, VA


In Kindergarten, we are...

Won't you join us?

Thank you all for such a wonderful year:)

May 2018

The final week of school is always fun. The countdown, the clean up and completion of everything kindergarten. Anticipation and wonder of what first grade will bring. This year, we closed up shop with as much learning excitement as could be smooshed into 3 1/2 days as possible!

Tuesday, melon day! Snackaduty Mama Sterrett provided watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe for us all to taste test, write about, and graph. Thumbs up! It was a "try day"( You do not have to eat a large portion, but you must try everything). We all gave it a shot and found some new favorite fruits :) Thanks Mama Sterrett!!
Wednesday, I scream, you scream, we all scream for...Ice cream!!! Mama Sterrett provided everything we needed for healthy smoothies for morning snack and then...we made homemade ice cream! YUMMMMMMMMM!
Thursday, H2O day! Their smiles say it all :)

Ever wonder what is inside of a marker? What makes it work? How does it hold ink? What is ink? Why does it dry out if I leave the lid off? K wondered, explored, and found answers.

Then we took it a step further. We soaked the dried markers in water and made water color paints to use in class. In the final photo, Nolan and Caleb are explaining their thoughts on how a marker works. They were pretty much correct :)

Field day!

Thank you Mama Beuchelt and Mama Davis for the fun in the sun and the tie dyed cupcakes to match our tie dyed t-shirts :)
Goldilocks and Three Bears, ask us what we are doing!
Nolan's big brother, Porter, won the opportunity to bring 7 friends over to K for an activity filled period. The 4th and 3rd graders taught the Ks how to play various "old school" card and board games. Can you say "AWESOME!" Four 5th graders pooled their classroom resources to win the same opportunity for themselves. Needless to say, we are ready to challenge anyone on a rainy afternoon or snow day! Thanks, big kids!

April 2018

Kindergarten thanks all of the mamas and daddies for their efforts in making our school auction a success. Why am I frowning in the photo? My bid did not win :( Daddy Burke really did a fine job with this absolutely beautiful cooler box.

We have learned many things this school year. We can pour from a pitcher into our own cups. We know how to cool off when we are hot. We can, also, collaborate to make a large mural for our classmates. Together, we can accomplish much.

A huge thank you to all of the creative mamas and daddies who have made the best snacks in town for our class to enjoy and learn! Mama Hart created little pigs for our study of The Three Little Pigs. She also made a fruit clock, silver dollar pancakes that were coins with denominations on them, for us to add up as we ate. And the dirt cake!

Indigo Bunting

An indigo bunting, rare treat to see one up close and to feel the feathers and spread the wings.
What are we doing? Ask your K ;)
It is official, spring has sprung in Irvington.
A walk down the nature trail, in search of signs of spring. Seasons change.
Another visit to the Deltaville Maritime Museum . Always a fabulous day and so much to learn! Thank you, again, to Karen Minter, ET Minter, and all of the museum volunteers who make these visits such a success. A big thank you to Mama Liner, Kelsey's mom, who joined us on this big trip.

March 2018

Spring is coming in like a lion, but Ks are greeting it with excitement! Frisbee anyone? Malcolm, Henry, Finley, and Nolan show us how to toss and catch a frisbee with style (in between the strong winds we have had).
Can you say onomatopoeia? We can, almost. Words that sound like the sounds they describe. Pop!
3dimensional shapes and following multistep verbal instruction. We explore shapes with our hands. Cones, pyramids, cubes, spheres, rectangular prisms, we can form them all :)


Veronica and her dad (Daddy Edmonds) shared two 48 hour old piglets with our class. We were able to further our animal studies, exploring and experiencing these two sweeties up close and personal. From the movement in the photos, it is easy to see how much excitement Daddy Edmonds brings to the classroom with each of his visits. (Spoiler alert! He returns with even cuter babies!) Look out Santa; there may be some piglets on the list this year!
K is writing a book. We are researching animals and habitats to have our backgrounds correct. Stay tuned for more. We are presenting these later in the spring. Brooke is studying butterflies.

Are you ready for snack? Let's eat some dirt and worms!

Dirt cake and gummy worms, that is! Kelsey, Mama and Daddy Liner surprised us all with two flower pots for snack :) Eat that? Yuck! is what we thought. Yum! is what we found out! Thank you!

the three billy goats, gruff

K style

Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?
Don't eat me! Wait for my big sister, she's much bigger than I.
Don't eat me!
The troll is defeated by the oldest goat :)

We all had a turn acting in our Readers' Theatre.

Trip-trap, trip-trap...

I can make my own snack!

Ks have learned to safely cut their own bagels and to spread cream cheese to enjoy!

Goat kids!

Daddy Edmonds is back, with goats this time. They are so cute! The goat kids and the K kids :)

Thank you, Veronica, for sharing your farmlife experience with us.
Round robin Ladybird beetles. Continuing our insect study and exploration into symmetry (as well as cooperation, communication, and collaboration), Ks followed multistep verbal directions to draw and label beetles. Then, created their own exoskeleton design on one side. We traded papers and attempted to mirror the image on the other side. The fantastic results will be in our science journals to share this summer.

Good morning, Sunshine!

Mama and Daddy Liner continued to raise the bar with our snacks. We so enjoyed the clementine/raisin flowers :)
Enough said.
Sophia shared and practiced her reading skills with our class. Way to go, Sophia!
Look at K go! We can set up Academy hall for lunch.

Happy Saint patrick's day

Emory, Mama, and Daddy Simmons continued the extra special snack tradition that has become the norm for us in K. Thank you so, so much for making us feel so special!
Sequencing and time, reading a schedule, order of events in a day...we've got this!
Blue skies (at the blue skies table) taste yummy! (Jello with cool whip clouds)
And the winner is...Ashlin! Ashlin won the school wide rock, paper, scissors competition :)

Station Work and Book Clubs, K is getting the job done. Learning is fun!

Rainbow fruit kabobs with cloud dip...yum, yum, yum!
More learning stations.

Pigs, take 2. Second visit, 2 weeks of growth versus 2 days of growth.

Daddy Edmonds returned with one of the piglets from his first visit and a new 2 day old piglet. We compared, contrasted, and loved the piglets!
An animal that moves faster than an excited kindergartener!
So adorable!!
Kelsey and Ashlin roll up our gigantic number line . We know how to use it and how to clean up after ourselves.
Leprechaun tricks trail mix! Far out!
River shared his reading practice of Pete The Cat's Snow Day with our class. (How appropriate!) Fabulous job, River!

Have you ever been to the opera? We have! And we loved it!

Virginia Opera Company presented another version of The Three Billy Goats, Gruff. In the end, the moral of the story is still the same...kindness is contagious.
Oh my goodness! Mama Simmons has done it again! Qu quilts for us to make and enjoy :) We further our learning when our five senses are employed.
Signing in is important "work" for a K. By signing your name, you: practice handwriting, answer a question, mark attendance, learn patience by waiting your turn, express yourself with the color you choose, sometimes make a prediction, practice reading, practice graphing, and in discussion, we work out equations with our answers. All in a day's work.
Julian knows he can find the color he needs by reading the color words on the colored pencil, crayon, or marker and comparing.
Number lines, we can do it!
Daddy Kenyon visited March 12 to honor Ashlin's birthday with a dramatic reading. Thank you for coming in!

And then..................for Kelsey and Ashlin's birthdays (maybe. I cannot imagine why else it would happen).....

it snowed!
Station rotation in action.
Julian and Mama Hart made these sweet bird nests and eggs for us to enjoy. Thank you for helping us to swing into spring in sweet style! So much creativity and learning goes into our snacks. Thank you Mama Hart and all of our families for continuing to help us build our brains in every way we can :)
The Magic Pail Readers' Theatre production in our classroom. We all take turns.


In our investigation of ocean habitats, we wondered where the salt water comes from and where does our table salt come from.

Ask a k about our investigation and experience with salt.
Learning to write and read time to the hour, analog and digital.
Delicious digraphs! Cheese and ham on white wheat sandwiches with Cheetos. Mama Hart has outdone herself!

Sunshine, muddy shoes, and smiles

February 2018

Let's build a zoo :)

As part of our continuing study of animals and habitats, we have built a zoo for our classroom. We all chose an animal, researched it, drew it, designed and built a habitat for it, and will use it as our foundation for our Artstravaganza projects.

Groundhog Day Math

Predictions, statistics, counting, graphing, taking turns, addition, subtraction, FUN!

Flip a coin graphing.
Don't let anyone tell you that math isn't fun.

Groundhog Day Roll and Cover...with a friend and dice, we can enjoy subtilizing and addition practice. Roll the dice, subitize, add the numbers, find the groundhog, color, smile and giggle. Be sure to keep your dice on the paper :)

What do we want to be when we grow up? K can write about it!
Eat the important part first.
We can use the microwave at lunch. Yes, yes we can :)
Entomology is delicious! Just ask a K. Ants on a log and butterflies for snack? YUMMY!
Snack gets buggy...
In assembly, we sometimes play whole school games. Brendan was chosen to play Knockout with other participants from Lower School. He scored high with us!
Ask us about Valentine preparations. Paint, paper hearts, glue, staples, love...

Muttsville Comics

Valentine math
Candy Heart Science. We placed 2 candy hearts in liquid. One container was filled with water, the other was filled with sweet water (carbonated water). We wanted to know what would happen to the candy. We identified the constant and the variable. We predicted, discussed, watched, walked away to eat lunch, returned to find our results. Sink or float? Dissolve or melt, or neither? Ask us :)
Let's party, Valentine style.


Our Osprey girls' basketball team made it to the ISAC championship ! We cheered them as they left for the big game. Let's go Ospreys, let's go!

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day."

January 2018

Julian kisses Mom good day and heads in independently :) Kindergarteners are independent and strong. They have the ability and desire to do more for themselves now that they have a semester of school under their belts.
Working in stations, independently, is an everyday task that all Ks can handle with ease.
Working across grade levels :) Eighth graders created Rube Goldberg devices in science class. They shared their successes and explained how they used simple machines to meet their goals. Having learned about the design loop, Ks know that the best laid plans are usually worth revisiting as you build and rebuild to be your best. Plan C is typically the success.

Rube Goldberg - (adjective) ingeniously or unnecessarily complicated in design or construction: a Rube Goldberg machine.

Open up and say, "AAAHHH!"

Skip Counting

WE play loads of games to learn skip counting to 100 by 5, 10, and 25. Here, we play our favorite...POP.
5, 10, 15, 20, ....
Learning is so much FUN!
Who will 100 POP land on?
Ask a K how to play. You could play at home :)
More ways to skip count. Making sets and counting by sets. We also dabble in the basic concept of multiplication and division, as well as coin equivalents.

Let's go on a field trip! The Deltaville Maritime Museum

K and firsts were treated to a morning of activities with Ukranian folk tale, The Mitten. Thank you to Karen Minter, former CA K teacher, for setting up this more than fabulous experience for our K and 1st graders. Thank you to Daddy Latell for joining us and helping us to sty on track.
Ashlin practiced his reading skills by entertaining the class with his book club choice for the week, Batty Bat. Way to go Ash!
We are working to recognize and write our last names and the last names of our friends. Our class has three writing work tables that express our ability to use our superb manners all day long! The Sunshine Table, The Blue Skies Table, and Lavender Fields Table.

If we try new things and build a healthy routine and repertoire of great foods, we will have healthy lives, bodies, and lifestyles all life long! Thank you Mama and Daddy Angstrom for the healthy snack choices :)

Everybody Limbo Time!
Yes, yes we did. We held and manipulated dead birds. What better way to understand nature than with the real thing. We found the Yellow Rumped Warbler on the playground and the Cardinal flew into the window at Mrs. V's. Yes, we sanitized afterward.
I can build a zoo, build a snowman, read about a snowman, write about a snowman, use a hundreds board, write a note to a friend, lead a friend in building a snowman, write my numbers, spell my last name, make a beaded bracelet, and enjoy the fun of learning how to do it all :)
We are respectful of the early childhood extended day sleepers. We are silent coming into the building after PE and other specials in the afternoon. Way to go Rays of Sunshine!
Ks welcomed the Pre-K kids for their first Step-Up day. Samuel and Elise were excellent greeters, welcoming the PKs with a smile and a handshake.
Ks treated the PKs to a story, flannel board presentation, and question and answer session.
Thank you for visiting with us, again, Marshall Revere, daughter of CA Middle School math teacher, Mrs.Alice Revere. You were loads of fun and we welcome you back anytime!

Snow Days :)

To be little and in the snow :)

Snow days, what a blessing.

Happy New Year :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa, Cocoa, and smiles.

It's a field trip :)

A field trip to see the Christmas decorations around our community led to a surprise of epic proportions!
Who do you spy?
Lots of K Mamas, Gmas, and Dads were in town, too.
Even Mrs.Marple (former CA teacher) was there.
Warm hands, warm hearts.
Thank you, Grandmother and Grandfather Farmer for this so special treat! What a memory to have.
He listens to everyone.
Notice the joy on the faces of the couple having lunch.
"...and how do you..."
Merry Christmas!

This is a time of peace, joy, and love. Please look over these captured moments with those things in mind. If you wonder what K may be doing, ask a K. They are experts in their work and play. Our hearts are full of gratitude for the extra special snacks and experiences the families of our class have provided and shared with us. Thank you so much :)